Wherever You Go, Carry Your PC With You (But How??)

You will be quite amazed to view the heading but how can you actually carry your PC with you. This post will give you the easiest way to install almost every application on your USB 2.0 storage device, such as iPods, USB flash drives, portable hard drives, USB-enabled cell phones, and USB-enabled digital cameras. MojoPac turns any USB 2.0 into a portable computing environment. MojoPac is a software virtulization product that supports popular applications such as Firefox and Microsoft Office, and it is also high performance enough to run popular PC Games such as World of Warcraft and Half-Life 2.
The best part of MojoPac is that  you can’t access the host PC’s disks while you are in MojoPac space, but while you’re in the host PC you can write to your MojoPac drive easily.
To initially setup the MojoPac device, the user runs the installer and selects a USB device attached to the system. Once MojoPac is installed, it creates an executable in the root of that device along with an autorun file that gives the user the option of starting the MojoPac environment automatically when the device is plugged in. Once this application is started, a new Windows Desktop (with its own wallpaper, icons, shell, etc.) is started up in the virtualized MojoPac environment. Any application that runs inside this environment runs off the USB device without affecting the filesystem of the host. A user installs most applications (including Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Firefox) on the portable storage device by simply running the installer inside this environment. The user can switch between the host environment and the MojoPac environment by using the MojoBar at the top of the screen. Once the user is done with the applications, they just exit out of MojoPac and eject the USB device.
Now the things why I am a fan of MOJOPAC are :

  • For the gamers, it’s quite like a boon. They can carry their games wherever they go and they don’t need to install each time on every computer.
  • Your portable device will now be password protected.
  • It can carry a lot of applications like gtalk, yahoo messengers, adobe photoshop etc. for you.

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Hide Items in TaskBar

There are ‘n’ number of situations where you don’t want anyone to jump to your shoulder and see what are you doing(I don’t ask why!!!!). So what you do is ,you close that window!!. What if you have a option so that you don’t have to close that window and also retain your privacy. So providing you with the software Hide-Win. This is a freeware and you can upgrade to HideWindowsPlus by going to the site mentioned below. With this you will be able to run an application in the background which are easy to toggle. To go to the software site, click here.

View Lyrics In Winamp and Media Player

Many of us would like to view the lyrics of the song while it is played in Winamp or in Media Player. Today I will give you a plugin for both of these so that you can view the lyrics on the go. Also for those people who just can’t understand the English songs, this would be beneficial. The special features of this plugin are

  • Only 62.4 KB
  • contains lyrics of songs in all major languages
  • Easy to use and handle

So, grab the opportunity and get the plugins from here.

Most Portable Ubuntu

You might have heard about various version of Linux going portable in Pen Drives, CD Rom or DVD drives, and all this booting live on your system and giving a full experience of Linux even without installing it. But have you heard of Linux running live in your computer, along with Windows. Just like Hackintosh works to run Mac inside Windows powered computer.

There is a release of Ubuntu by Claudio César Sánchez Tejeda which can be used inside windows just like a virtual OS inside a given OS. This release is of about 440MB in size and takes upto 1GB on extracting. You can download this Free Operating System from Sourceforge.net. For documentation and relase notes visit here.

Top 10 Portable Applications That You Must Have

Today in this post I will give you a list of top 10 portable applications that are free.A portable application is one that can be used in a portable device like a pendrive.You can download all of them by clicking on their names.So without wasting any of your time, I provide you with the list:

  1. Mozilla Firefox: Certainly Mozilla is the best web browser. So you can download it and use that on your portable device.
  2. VLC Player: This player can play almost all sorts of video formats.Actual size of 16 Mb but you can get it here at very less size.
  3. WinRar: Anywhere you go,you are really independent to extract files if you have this utility.
  4. click below to read more…

  5. Foxit Reader An alternative to adobe reader so that you can view all your pdf files.
  6. Winamp A music addict will know about the usefulness of this utility.
  7. OpenOffice To do all your MS Office work ,you should have this.
  8. FS Capture to edit the photos or to take screenshots, this is an awesome utility with a file size of only 1 Mb
  9. utorrent This one is for all torrent freaks.
  10. Miranda This is an IM client.Carry it if you want to chat with all of your friends.
  11. NVU To work with HTML , you ought to have this.
Now, what I think is that I have covered all the best softwares from each field and provided a handy, portable solutions to each of them. Readers comments are invited so that any further improvement can be made.

Split Large files Into Smaller Ones

Today in this post,I will provide a solution to how to handle large files and broke them into small pieces.With these pieces, you have the following advantages :-

  1.     copy on cd’s or other similar stuff.
  2.     distribute over the Internet, networks.
  3.     send by email
  4.     easily upload
  5.     easy sharing

But for all these, you have to download a software known as GSplit. GSplit is a freeware and free to distribute.To download,read the full article

To Download GSplit with installer click here.

To Download GSplit portable, click here.

To Download GSplit in a portable zip version click here.

In case you are facing any problems with installations, you can go here..


E-Books For Everyone

While searching the internet, I come across a site that I want to share with you all.Yes everybody requires books to study so this post is for all of you. Visit Spidermantras to download enormous variety of books on varied topics.The topics include computers,electronics,literature,etc.

This is a free and effortless web site for downloading free computer stuffs. You are free to use this resources to suit your tastes and needs in any way you like. Hundreds of thousands of books are there. Its all free.. feel free to download.

How to Set Up your Private FTP Server

If some your friend want to download any big file right from your desktop to his using Internet, then File Transfer Protocol is the fastest method. This method can be used to share files at high speed. To do this you need Windows XP installed in your system and an Internet Connection and a router.This will run in windows hosting and other compatible providers.

To do this first you need to open your Router’s configuration page by going to there in set your router’s Acess control to FTP Protocol

Now Install FTP Server in your computer by opening control pannel and going to Add/Remove programs. Select Add/Remove Windows Component then select IIS(Internet Information Services) then select details. Tick FTP Service Click Ok, and then click next to Install FTP Server.

When you are done with seting up of  your FTP , then open C:/inetpub/ftproot to add files to your server. Your server address will be your ip address which is displayed here below-

The best way to Download Hindi Songs

This post is dedicated to all music lovers that keep on checking out the latest music in market. I have posted a method here, in which I’ll explain how you can download Hindi mp3 songs instantaneously. This is explained here, click continue reading.

Step 1
Download OrbitDownloader, a free downloader from Orbitdownloader.com. I recommend this because I feel that it is light on System Resources however you can also use IDM.
After Installing this open Orbit Downloader, and go to Tools => Preferences => Monitoring and check the Browser you are using, I recommend you using Firefox.

Step 2

Now open Mozilla Firefox and open Songs.pk in it. Open the album which you want to Download, then right click any song in the listed album and click on “Download all by Orbit”. If you are using IDM then it will be “Download all by IDM”. To download the songs set a filter using php files to be Downloaded. Here is a screenshot tour How to Use it all…


This two step guide will make your songs downloading Superfast.

Free Audio Editing Tool

Sometimes in Daily Life we have need of Editing mp3 songs to get them in to iPOD or for use of songs as ring tone in mobile phones. So we have to get some software which is easy to use and can perform various editing operations on audio …

To perform various editing operations I’ve tried many software paid and freeware but I feel that Audacity is best at its work. It is a freeware application developed by various developers of world. It is hosted  by Sourceforge.net. This software includes many functions related to Digital Audio Editing. Various Sound Effects can also be generated through it. These are shown in Screen Shot here-

Platform :- Any
Licencse Type :- FreeWare
Visit Website