Convert Your Documents, One Format To Other, From JPEG to PDF or PDF to JPEG, WORD to PDF or PDF to WORD

File conversion is a day to day need today. Something that works on your machine might not be compatible with that with your boss. Hence, with this article we try to bring some of the major file conversion methods that shall help you with your stuff.
There are probably two ways, Off-line and On-line. While both the paths are filled with numerous applications to do your job, we have gathered some of the very best.
Off-line Softwares
There are hundreds of junks of codes availaible to convert your pdf documents while we are here including the best one(s) for the most basic of issues.

  • PDF2JPG is a small, free and powerful tool that quickly converts pdf documents into different picture image formats like JPEG,GIF,PNG etc.The piece of software will be particularly usable when you need to convert a part of an document so that it cannot be edited easily or when you need to publish those pages in that ebook quickly on the Internet.

SmartSoft PDF converter is yet another PDF converter that can be used for converting PDF files into word documents. This piece of software was tested to be real quick and accurate.

On-line Software
Off-line softwares are quick and hassle free yet offer very limited number of options, hence you might (like us) want to opt in for their On-line counterparts. Here we have explained some of the most used websites and their brief intros.
Zamzar is a free web tool that can handle files for upto 100MB in size and convert them into a number of availaible formats.You can view the long list of supported file formats here.
The file conversion is quick and the converted file is delivered to your email.

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Download Chrome Plugins

Chrome Plugins Well we all know simple and efficient Chrome browser is and that’s how in a short span of time, it has come at par with Mozilla Firefox. But that’s not all that makes this browser the best among all but it’s the extensions, add-ons, themes and much more that makes the Google Chrome browser more individual and efficient. In this post, we will describe about a website that provides honest, concise and free reviews of plug-ins. Chrome plugins is the website that provides all these plugins and reviews.

They have their own unique and apt method for ranking the plugins. Unlike all other websites, Chrome plugins rank them according to their quality rather than their download volumes. By doing this, various new plugins also come into picture which is not the case with other similar websites.

As per Chrome plugins ,” We aim to always integrate the users as much as possible into the process of identifying the best addons for the Google Chrome browser. That’s why every extension can be rated and commented on without registration. Also, sharing a plugin that you like is easy with the included social buttons that encourage the visitors to recommend a program or theme they like to their friends.”
The website has various categories like Apps, Security, Themes, etc and within each category, they have sub categories. All these features make the website user friendly and simple. For example if you love to play games during free time, you can click on category Fun and then can download games. My favorite game is Chrome app Angry Birds which is so addictive that I have this game on my iPod, Mobile Phone and now on my browser too.
The website is completely ad-free and a non profit project. Also they feature only those plugins which are free of cost. Apart from this, one can also contribute to write a review about any plugin that one wishes to share.  We at Chillgeeks give a Thumbs-up to this website.

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Watch Indian TV Channels Online For Free !!

TV has always been the all time favorite time pass across all age groups in India. Be it comedy serials, movies, daily soaps or infotainment channels, television is an excellent time pass. We have tried to compile  a list of best free online services available where you can access Indian TV channels and episodes. Earlier we have listed IndiaVibes, India’s first web TV.  Most of the websites here offer latest recorded episodes while a few claim to even stream live content. offers latest recorded daily soaps and serials for various Indian TV Channels. The episodes are available for free download in different high quality formats with alternative download options. Different channels of Star, Zee, NDTV, Viacom18 and other networks are included. is another online free service that provides you with free Television content. The website is updated daily and latest shows are added regularly. Episodes are availaible for downlaod in high quality video formats.

TV channels free

TV Channels Free
TV Channels free is an International website featuring TV content from all over the world. The website contains links to official sources of the respective channels where their episodes can be viewed online.



PopkornMy Popkorn offers National as well as Regional Indian TV serials, updated regularly and available for free download. The serials are well organized in different categories according to the genre of the serial which makes the site a user friendly website. The episodes can viewed online and can also be downloaded.


Peepat Peepat offers free online streaming of a wide variety of Indian TV channels. the channels streams are compiled together from different free sources across the internet so that you can get a rich experience at one place.

Edit, Merge, Modify Your PDF Files : jPDF


jPDF is a very simple. light yet powerful tool that enables you to modify your pdf files by customizing them with watermarks, re-arrange the bookmarks, or change the page size, using password protection personalizing how a PDF file is opened and many other options.

The application is available for free download but you must have Java Runtime Environment installed on your machine.The simple tool compromises on the looks and comes with 11 tabs used for different purposes.
In the first tab you can merge the pages with options like manual feed and automatically selecting even/odd input. You can also change the page orientation with this java applet. A personalized watermark can be added to each page of your pdf document.

You can edit and add bookmarks and add transition effects when a page is turned.The document information like the name of author and other such information can also be tweaked.
jPDF is capable of adding password protection to your documents and can set various permissions for different users.

Try it now. Download here.

Trade Stocks From Your Mobile

Be it day trading or long term investments, you would never like to miss those sharp peaks in the day to day Sensex analysis. here we bring to you a list of mobile software that will lighten your burdens, manage your portfolios and give you updates quotes and prices throughout the day. After reading this article, you’ll be able to know how you can trade and manage your stocks and portfolios on your mobile.

Investar India

Investar India

  • Shows Interactive Candlestick & Line chart (six month daily view) along with Indicators like EMA, SMA, RSI, Stochastics, MACD and Volume. Investar indian stock market
  • Splits, Dividends and Bonuses displayed in the Charts.
  • Shows OHLC values
  • Shows Pivot Lines and Resistance & Support Levels.
  • Allows users to Add Notes.
  • Shows complete Market Overview with Market Summary and Stock Summary.
  • Favorite Manager allows user to add/delete Favorite Stocks and shows
  • Pivot-Point based Support and Resistance Levels.
  • View Stock Picks published by the user at

Download here.

    Stock India


    Another app that gets you near live quotes directly from NSE/BSE and do not rely on Google/Yahoo! for its services.

    You can also create your personal portfolio.

    This application is also available for download on Android.

    Download it here.

    BSE NSE Stock Markets Live


    Offers live commentary from the latest Indian stock market news & Indian company stock quotes. You can keep track of your stock portfolio with stocks watch list. It displays tips for stock trading & investing from market experts on Bloomberg, CNBC, Times Now, NDTV Profit, Zee Business, Moneycontrol, Rediff Moneywiz and more. Follow the Nifty and Sensex with intraday charts, daily gainers and losers in Indian markets.

    Download it here.

    Moneycontrol-Markets on Mobile

    Money Control The Markets on Mobile app powered by is your gateway to all critical real-time information about the Indian and global markets. If you are an investor, trader, professional or just interested in business, economy and financial markets, you will find this to be an invaluable tool. Use the application to get real time stock quotes, Indices, manage and track your investment portfolio, watch Live TV and get in-depth coverage & analysis of financial markets, economy and business.

    Download it here.

NetQin – Mobile Guard

Another impressive mobile application that lets you manage your Smartphone like you do your PC.

This application will surely bring your Smartphone on it’s knees. With a single place to watch, install/uninstall, configure, optimize and review you device, this is surely gonna win the hearts.

neqin mobile guard

The interface is clean and simple with features including: neqin

  1. Task monitoring, reviews the active applications.
  2. Network Monitoring, displays the data usage by different sources.
  3. Power Monitoring, shows the battery utilization by different apps.
  4. Software Management, list of various installed applications.
  5. File Management, various files located on the phone and memory device, as well as their properties.


neqin screenshots

Single button optimization lets you reviews your phone performance based on the battery utilization and number of applications running.neqin download

The Network Monitor helps you save costs by keeping an eye on the monthly budget allotted and the counting every bit that your phone is using.

The task manager allows you to get into the running apps and delete unnecessary files and documents.

The power monitor keeps and eye on the battery life. about what is using what and generate tips on improvement.

Try and download from here.

Free GPS Navigation – Waze


Do you always curse yourself for choosing the wrong route and repent not choosing the one towards the left, now here’s something that can change your life for ever, Waze.


waze in India

Waze is a real time, social Smartphone GPS application that connects you with other users of the app. The application collects information from your device’s GPS and uses it to draw maps. The best part, its a social app in which alerts you of the incoming traffic jams and cautions recorded by fellow Wazers.
Waze is empowered by the drivers using Waze. Since the information is driven by people driving around with Waze on their phones, the information is accurate and timed. Errors in the map are can also be reported on the app and those errors are then uploaded online for users around to check.

waze on mobile


What we liked:

  • Real time traffic updates
  • Accuracy, since the alerts are released by actual drivers.
  • In case of traffic congestion, we can alert "moderate", "heavy" and "standstill" traffic condition and decide to change the route or not.
  • Live maps on laptop
  • Automated traffic analyzer by calculating speed.

Best Free Video Editing Tools

Although there are numerous video editing application available on the internet (most of them listed here). But most of them aren’t very good, some fail to give the desired output while some fail in providing support. Its true free software are always less than one you pay for but still we bring to you the 5 very best from the rest.1 We have also shared with you some of the best video sharing sites, and here is the list on best free video editing tools available on internet.

Microsoft Movie Maker

Comes bundled with Microsoft Windows XP later, Movie maker is one of the best free movie editing software available. Powerful with drag and drop feature, Movie Maker can be considered the best for windows users. Windows also provided a lot of add-ons and updates for the software


Apple iMovie 2

Comparable to Windows Movie Maker, Apple iMovie for the Mac operating system has many advanced features and add-ons apps.It comes free with a new Mac system and can be purchased separately for use on a different system. One of the best free video editing programs available for Mac users.


Avid FreeDV

Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, Avid FreeDV is powerful tool for video editing that can perform basic video and audio edits. It also features up to two streams of real-time effects. It is slightly hard to use but overall a very powerful software available.


A flexible and high end video editing tool, Wax was first developed as a college project, and has since grown. Wax works for both; home and professional users. It can be used as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in to other video editors. It also features unlimited video and audio tracks.


Zwei-Stein is one of the best video tools available on the web. It has a great and complicate looking digital layout but is powerful enough to edit up to 256 videos and consists of more than 64 visual effects that can be incorporated.

Capture Your World in 3D: Microsoft Photosynth


Available for iPhone, Microsoft’s Photosynth is powerful application that uses your phone camera and a bit of processing to generate 3D panorama of the view that you are experiencing. The application interface is simple, it requires you to click a number of photographs in well guided manner with different zoom levels thought the process.

Photosynths give an exact idea of the scene in full 360° view without you being actually there. The application has different modes where you can choose to see the 3D view, the 2D view, the Top view or the Point view. An example has been placed below for you to experience the power.

How to create a Photosynth:

  1. photosynth2 Choose the position from where you can see the entire scene you are about to capture.
  2. Take different photos, left/right/up/down/zoom in/zoom out in a guided manner as directed.
  3. The different photos now clicked are joined using the image composite editor or inside the iPhone app itself.
  4. Tada! the panorama is now ready to be viewed and shared.


        Download Links:

        First create a Photosynth account.


    WhatsApp – Yet Another Instant Messaging App


    WhatsApp Messenger is an internet based mobile device application that allows you to exchange messages among other WhatsApp users.

    WhatsApp mobile messenger currently works on  iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia s60 devices. Since the reception is based on your existing data plan that you use for browsing the web, exchanging short messages is virtually free.

    If the chatting feature doesn’t impress you, don’t worry iPhone, Android and BlackBerry WhatsApp Messenger users can exchange unlimited images, video and audio media files amongst each other, now thats cool.


    • Group chat, available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices lets you chat with a group of friends in real time.

    • Status feature, this alerts your friends when you are busy doing something, like sitting in a lecture, sleeping, in a movie or at a meeting, so that they can decide whether to ping you at a time or not.

    • Block, you can even block a particular user from sending you messages

    • File sending feature for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users
    • WhatsApp messenger is automatic, it picks existing WhatsApp users from your mobile contact list and connects you with them instantaneously.

    Try this now, click here!