Get Fellow Players With GameRanger

GameRangerBored playing those multiplayer games in single player mode, or not getting competition of your level with your local friends?
Try GameRanger!
It is a free to use software that allows you to play over 600 games in full version and demo modes with people around the world. It connects you to its servers where users from different parts of the world waiting for the war of games. It works like the usual LAN gaming over WAN and includes features like:

  • Group Chat, where you can actually chat while playing games with a stranger.
  • Public Profiles, where you can create your own personal avatars for others to see.
  • Voice communication, to have that feel of playing together sitting miles away.
  • Competitive rankings, ladders and ratings that lets you compete with the world.

To start,

  1. Download GameRanger from here.
  2. Install the software
  3. Create a new account
  4. Verify your email address (that activates your account)
  5. Invite your friends or search existing people to get started
  6. Host/Join a game,


  1. Voice communication and Rankings are not available in free mode.
  2. GameRanger might ask you to point the game’s directory on your PC

To get a list of supported games, click here.

Simon Panrucker’s Beans Game

Today I came across the most annoying, strangest time-waster site which has a flash embedded page packed with Simon Panrucker’s beans game!

I played this game and absolutely loved it. It was the most bizarre and kookiest thing I’ve ever seen, but kind of addicting at the same time…

When the beans looked at their friends, I smashed them. I’m scared at how much I enjoyed that!

Smash screaming baked beans with a click of your mouse.

Well, that brought the kid running to see what I was doing. Don’t try to catch that running one without a mouse. I couldn’t catch him:(



Thanks to Simon Panrucker – this is excellent. I’ll have to go and visit whenever I need a laugh, and the chance to squash things!

Click here to go and play the game.

Numpty Physics

All of us like to play games, but this game is somewhat different. NUMPTY PHYSICS will check all your physics concepts in a geeky way. This crayon type game will not only make you enjoy the different levels but also test the practicality of your physics concepts. The amazing features of this game are

  • Amazingly small size
  • Available for all operating systems
  • No installation
  • It’s your geek test ………….


To go through the NUMPTY PHYSICS site, click here


Play Games in Google Talk
Play Console based games online
Indian Political Games
Free Mobile Games and Applications

Play Console based games online

If you are found of playing T.V. based Nintendo console cassette games on your computer then, you must check out the services offered by PlayNes and Nintendo8. These sites offer you to play Nintendo games online without a need of installing any Emulator to your computer. So, this gives an advantage to Linux or Mac users, for which there are less number of Emulators available.


I enjoy playing console based games online when I get free time, these games are light on system resources and have good background music. Some of the NES based games, which I like the most are-

javaAn updated version of Java is required to play above games, you can download Java Runtime Environment from official site of java here . Just select your operating system and install JRE to play NES based games. You can also save the state of game and can play it latter on at PlayNES.

Nintendo8 provides a wide variety of gaming categories, these include action, adventure, arcade, fighting, rpg, racing, sports, etc. It also supports GBA , DOS based games to play online, it also requires Java Runtime Environment to be installed.

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Indian Political Games

2009-03-26_100304As you all know that India, the largest democracy in the world is soon going to have the elections,geeks all around the country want to make profit out of these.They have now build the flash games based on the Indian political drama.
The online real games offers many games that could be used as a entertainment.Moreover if you register with their site, you can actually take part in the competitions and win prizes. So why wait, click here, to go and play game.

Google Easter Egg

 What is an Easter Egg ?
A virtual Easter egg is an intentional hidden message or feature in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program, web page or video game. The term draws a parallel with the custom of the Easter egg hunt observed in many Western nations, but actually is derived by the practice of the last Russian imperial family’s tradition of giving elaborately jeweled egg-shaped creations by Fabergé which usually contained hidden gifts themselves.

This practice is similar in some respects to hidden signature motifs such as Diego Rivera including himself in his murals, Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary cameo appearances, and various “Hidden Mickeys” that can be found throughout Disneyland. An early example of these kind of “Easter eggs” is Al Hirschfeld’s “Nina.”

Atari’s Adventure, released in 1979, contained what was thought to be the first video game “Easter egg”, the name of the programmer (Warren Robinett). However, evidence of earlier Easter eggs has since surfaced. Several cartridges for the Fairchild Channel F include previously unknown Easter eggs, programmed by Michael Glass and Brad Reid-Selth, that are believed to predate Robinett’s work The 1978 Atari arcade games Orbit and Skydiver also include Easter eggs, programmed by Owen Rubin, though unlike Glass and Reid-Selth’s eggs, the method of triggering these has yet to be discovered. Despite this evidence of prior art, Robinett’s egg was certainly the first of its kind to be discovered and, consequently, the first Easter egg to come to widespread attention.

The Google’s Easter Egg
Check out the Google’s Easter Egg by Visiting here.

Want to Play mobile Java Games on Computer

If you want to play your Mobile Games on Big Screen then you are in Need of an Emulator which will Emulate your PC as an J2ME phone. This work can be easily done by using NHAL Win32 Emulator.

Midp2Exe features as on Kwyshell’s Page

  1. CLDC 1.0.4 Midp 2.0 (You can visit Sun Microsystems to know more.)
  2. 16Bits RGB565 Color Format and 1Bit Transparent Bit & RGB555 for Transparent Image.
  3. Keyboard and Pointer (Mouse) Device Input.
  4. Most of Nokia UI API simulation.
  5. Vibration simulation.
  6. Support wave and tone playback.
  7. Keyboard remapping for number keys 7,8,9 and 1,2,3.
  8. Full screen filter support including soften, emboss, sharpen and so one.
  9. Display contrast, bright and alpha level adjustment.
  10. Update Frame Rate control.
  11. Pause/Resume and Reset control for application.
  12. Support OEM Ime Input. You can input character from OEM IME.

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