Google Discovering Malicious Sites Daily


Google isn’t just the best search provider over the internet, it’s turning up to be the most protective one as well. Google is currently trying to provide users all over the world a secure portal for browsing the internet by identifying malicious websites daily.

According to Google is wants to update its security by providing its users notifications and warnings about the websites they’re about to visit and proclaim if they have any malicious content in it. Google really wants to step up its game and doing this would strengthen its reign on the search engine industry. Currently Google is at the top of its league, leaving behind search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Google has turned its resources into identifying malicious websites daily and its employees are uncovering nearly ten thousand malicious websites every day.

According to Google’s representative Niels Provos, Google is currently achieving the given task of unveiling an estimate of 9500 malicious websites every day. Not all of these websites are filled with malicious content; some are just owned by authors distributing malware whereas others are highly unsafe and created for the sole purpose of dispensing malware but Google is trying very hard to detect these false websites and its success rate is quite high with only a few numbers of negative results.

The websites that have been uncovered are quite popular, popping out in many searches content and hence Google has taken it seriously to protect its users by alerting them with warnings that range from twelve to fourteen million. The good thing about this change is that Google isn’t implementing it in its own browser but in all internet browsers available over the internet. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer will all be compatible with Google’s new change but Google has made a little change for Chrome users, turning it into a slight competitive advantage. Chrome user’s will receive warnings and download alerts from Chrome’s in build download protection service and these warnings range up to three hundred thousand.

Although this feature hasn’t been made public to Google user’s right now but its functioning will be quite easy and user-friendly. When user’s search for something unsafe websites will be highlighted by a red warning sign that will caution internet user’s about opening the link and hence deject them from browsing such content. Google has taken a step further by providing this service to organizations and keeping them safe by issuing the free public Safe Browsing API as this will help organizations keep their personal content and employees safe from outside prowlers.

Google’s new social responsibility will benefit many users over the internet. Google is trying to instruct web creators and controllers on ways to safeguard their websites and its content. According to Google as technology changes and increases so does the risk of malware and security related problems. Hackers and malware issuers are always trying to remain a step ahead of technology and by warning users and educating those that create it will help make the internet and browsing it a safer experience.

Google should be commended for these extra activities and innovations. Although they’re doing this to make sure their search engine and services remain at the top of the lead in the industry, it’s still good to know that they’re doing something to keep internet users safe from all the malicious content available. This will benefit organizations and help make their content perfectly safe from hackers and industry prowlers.

Google’s initiation towards safe-internet browsing will only make its worth higher in the search engine market and make it an inevitable page for internet users.

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Spread And Share Your Google+ Profile And Help People Add You In Their Circles

Now  weeks after Google+ was launched, you might have probably reached here searching on ways to share and spread link to your Google+ profile so that more and more people  add you to their circle. As you might have noticed by now, Google+ sharing is more like that in titter than that compared to Facebook . Here, sharing is no mutual, a person can simple see your public posts as soon as he/she adds you to one of his circles(or he follows you). While with a facebook friendship request, both parties can each other’s posts once they accept the friend request. So you need more and more people to add/follow you in order to have more impressions/comments on your posts.

A standard Profile URL looks something like this
In this article we shall help you accomplish this by mentioning various methods by which you can share your Google+ profile easily with your friends.

1. A Google+ Profile Button

You can get a Google+ profile button and share the same on your blog website here.Google plus profile buttonJust paste the link to your profile in the space provided, choose your button size and your button is ready to use. Here’s my button.

2. Profile Shortners

Profile link shorteners are specific websites that help you shorten your profile link so that share them with more ease.
Here’s a short list

Just log on to any of these websites, copy your profile ID in the space provided, choose a username, and tada!. Your Google+ short profile link is now ready

Mine is here.


Add Mouse Gesture to Google Chrome Browser

imageWith this post we bring to you an excellent new Chrome extension that will help you browse the world more easily. However keyboard shortcuts make your tasks much easier but mouse gestures simplifies then ever better. This extension enables “Mouse Gestures” and then you can simply browse through your stuff without even having to lift your hand. All thanks to Smooth Gestures.

imageSmooth Gestures heightens your chrome experience. The extension comes with some predefined gestures that can be edited as well. you can even add your own custom extensions. All you need to do is install this extension from here and tada!


After viewing the list you can edit and add options of your choice.To perform a gesture just hold your right mouse button and move your mouse along the pattern. You can reload a webpage, open  new tab, go back, go forward, open a new window and many other functions through gestures.


Google+ Brand Pages, Finally

For those of you who are in love in the Google+ project, here is a good news, Google+ pages have finally arrived. This means that now, you can find your favourite brands, artists, stores and much more on Google+. Clearly, this is Google’s answer to facebook pages, big brands trying to get maximum likes on their respective pages.

Now when Google+ has over 40 million signups, it is a very wise decision to let the brands in. Corporate people are very important in making up brand and when Google+ is ready with a lot of individuals, the brands will now complete its social presence. It affects the customers that how well their brands interact with them on social networks. With Google+, brands can start hangouts with the people and listen to their feedback.

Google+ pages are well connected and integrated within the Google search so as to improve the social visibility if the page.

It has been reported that Google will soon be adding a new feature called ”Direct Connect” that will allow users to quickly call up a Google+ page by adding a “+” before their search term. So the next time you search for ChillGeeks, add a + before the term and visit our Google+ page.

New! Games on Google+

The last few weeks have seen Google+ taking millions of eyes around the globe. The new networking website, rolled out by Google last month has witnessed the fastest ever user base with more than 10million people joining right in the test phase overloading Google+’s load capacity.

Last week the Google+ project launched the Games section for its users. The games section can be accessed by clicking the new Games icon on top of your stream (as highlighted in the image below).Google  Games Icon
 Google  Games
Games on Google+ comes with an advantage of shared playing over playing installed games on your PC. With the
Google+ project, we want to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to the web. But sharing is about more than just conversations. The experiences we have together are just as important to our relationships. We want to make playing games online just as fun, and just as meaningful, as playing in real life.
That means giving you control over when you see games, how you play them and with whom you share your experiences. Games in Google+ are there when you want them and gone when you don’t.

Sharpening the edge, Games in Google+ don not clutter with your incoming social feed. Google has assured that they will keep the games feed separate from the conversations. You have to choose explicitly to view your game feed.This is sufficiently a big relief from irritating facebook app feeds.

Angry Birds, Bejeweled Blitz, Bubble Island, City of Wonder, Collapse! Blast, Crime City, Diamond Dash, Dragon Age Legends, Dragons of Atlantis, Edge World, Flood-It, Monster World, Sudoku, Wild Ones, Zombie Lane and Zynga Poke constitute some of the most played games in Google+

Try now, just click the Games button at the top of your Google+ page.

How to Synchronize Your Facebook Events with Google Calendar

add facebook events to google calendarIf Google Calendar has become your favourite place to mark all important events and you rely on those alerts to plan your day to day activities, then you might wish to automate the task of adding another very important events, that is your facebook and twitter events to the Google Calendar. Here is exactly a web service that will make this easy for you.

With feedCal, all you need to do is, authorize the service with your Google account and the with your facebook account.

Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Point your web browser here.
  2. Click on Sign Up.feedCal_SignUp
  3. Now, authorize your Google account with feedCal


  4. Now, choose a plan you wish to subscribe for
  5. After authorizing your Google account, you also need to verify your facebook account.feedCal_facebook
  6. Add your details, and tada!
    Your calendars now synchronize every 10 minutes.

Currently feedCal is in its initial stages is being offered free for the first 1,000 users. So start using the service as soon as possible to get it for free.

Google’s Own Music Blog : Magnifier


For all those music lovers and artists, Google has launched its own Music blog, Magnifier. Launched just a few weeks ago, Magnifier is still in a public beta stage. The blog is manually edited where you can view new artists and tracks every day and add them to your “Google” Music Library.

Yes, you read it right, Magnifier is the first look of Google soon to come Music service. The blog promotes unique artists and lets you download licensed music for free. This will surely give you a little taste of the Google Music Service before it is available to everybody. Since the blog is manually edited, you can expect quality music and tracks. Read about the tracks, preview them and add selected to your Google Music library with a single click.

The site is regularly updated and is filled with tips and tricks on how to use the service more efficiently. It houses links to thousands of songs of different origin and genre. Find new songs, listen, download and share them with your friends, that is the hole mantra behind!


Try the free service now, click here.

Make Your Web Experience Easy With Google Related

Google has introduced an awesome new extension for the Chrome Web browser, that will take your internet experience way ahead. Going with its name, the extension extracts all major stuff from the webpage and quickly runs a search query. All the related content is displayed below on a thin bar.


As you might probably get from the image above, when you surf with Google related enabled, a thin bar appears at the bottom of your screen. The extension senses its need on the webpage and is displays only on selected webpages. For example, on shopping sites you get product information, related news items on news sites and much more.
It also shows related images to the content you are browsing.

Try now, just point your Chrome browser to here and click on “Add to Chrome”.


Click on Install to confirm the installing the extension.


Note: It needs Chrome 11 or greater to work.

Get a Nickname for Google+

Hope most of you have got your invites and are enjoying Google’s latest shot, the social site, Google Plus. While there’s still time for Google to officially introduce something like Facebook usernames so that you can share your profile link with your friends, associates, or on your websites, we are here with an unofficial that lets you create a nickname or a short url for your Google+ profile.
This website here, lets you choose a short username for your Google+ profile which looks something like The service is free and very easy to use. Here’s a short tutorial..

1. Visit this website 2. Enter your desired username in the nickname field.
3. Now login to your Google+ account and paste your profile ID in the box.
4. Click add and tada!, your new profile link is ready to use

So now, you can share your Google+ profile with whoever you want !

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