Spread And Share Your Google+ Profile And Help People Add You In Their Circles

Now  weeks after Google+ was launched, you might have probably reached here searching on ways to share and spread link to your Google+ profile so that more and more people  add you to their circle. As you might have noticed by now, Google+ sharing is more like that in titter than that compared to Facebook . Here, sharing is no mutual, a person can simple see your public posts as soon as he/she adds you to one of his circles(or he follows you). While with a facebook friendship request, both parties can each other’s posts once they accept the friend request. So you need more and more people to add/follow you in order to have more impressions/comments on your posts.

A standard Profile URL looks something like this
In this article we shall help you accomplish this by mentioning various methods by which you can share your Google+ profile easily with your friends.

1. A Google+ Profile Button

You can get a Google+ profile button and share the same on your blog website here.Google plus profile buttonJust paste the link to your profile in the space provided, choose your button size and your button is ready to use. Here’s my button.

2. Profile Shortners

Profile link shorteners are specific websites that help you shorten your profile link so that share them with more ease.
Here’s a short list

Just log on to any of these websites, copy your profile ID in the space provided, choose a username, and tada!. Your Google+ short profile link is now ready

Mine is here.


Comibine Your Social, Photo and Blog Feeds With TimeKiwi

imageIt is always time consuming when you wish to check updates for all of your social networks and you end in jumping from one website to another. This is further aggravated when you wish keep a check on your favourite blogs and photo sites too. however many websites offers solutions for the same, but what we are talking abouut is here is probably the fines and most beautiful solution of all, TimeKiwi.

imageTimeKiwi presents all your feeds in a beautiful timeline format. You start by authorizing with your facebook or (and) twitter accounts and then add more services as you go further. As of now, it suppots Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous, WordPress, Instagram, Flickr, FourSquare and RSS feeds. All you need is to log in and add services of your choice. And as per the recent update, you can hide individual items on the timeline, that you don’t want public. Just hover over an item, and click hide in the top right corner


You can also sign up for premium packages starting from just $5 a month.

Try it now, Click here.

Find People on Google+ Easily

imageHere we are, with a website that lets you search for Google+ users with ease. FindPeopleOnPlus is kind of an online directory where you can find people profiles on Google+. Additionally all the profiles are sorted on the basis of a number of parameters that will help you make your search easier.

FindPeopleOnPlusAlong with the basic keyword search, the website offers numerous filters and parameters to sort your search results. After you authorize your Google account, it first shows all the people who are near you or are related to you in some way, just the facebook friend suggestions. The left side of your browser screen offers you to filter the results based on different parameters like relationship status, gender, looking for, employer, country etc.

The site is great, you can get profile of the user you were looking for and go ahead to follow him/her at the same time. The site also features a users PlusClout score to help you better understand the profile.

Try it Now, Click here.


Give your Google+ a plus and Merge your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts.

Merged logosNow that most you have made an appearance on the hot network of Google+, the young and charming hero with an amazing user growth. While the people behind are trying to rollout specific services, to cut out each others and increase their user base, there are many developing tools to integrate all of them so that you get the best of all worlds and here we are with something like that. G++, which is a browser extension, available for Chrome and Firefox, seamlessly streams your facebook and twitter feed with your Google+  feed. It also helps you update your status (or tweet, or feed) with all three at the same time.

We understand you have spent months and years building your facebook profile, adding friends, content and it might feel a bit painful to switch over to Google+ and start it over again. Also updating multiple networks at the same time is tiresome. But with G++, the choice just vanishes.

To get started, visit the Google++ site here.

Chrome Users

G  _1

Just follow the simple steps, click on the link and add the extension to your browser.

G  _2


Approve all the warnings that come in between to ensure the installation.

G  _3

After complete installation, just reload your Google+ profile, and the extension will add facebook and twitter streams right there.
G _after


The installation instructions for firefox users are similar and simple.
You need to visit the Gplusplus
website with your firefox browser and click the link that appears.
G  _FireFox_1

Allow firefox to install this add-on on your machine.
G  _FireFox_2
G  _FireFox_3After the add-on has been successfully installed, allow firefox to restart.

Now, you reload your Google+ profile and admire the changes.
G  _FireFox_before 

G  _FireFox_after
Enjoy !

Google+ Brand Pages, Finally

For those of you who are in love in the Google+ project, here is a good news, Google+ pages have finally arrived. This means that now, you can find your favourite brands, artists, stores and much more on Google+. Clearly, this is Google’s answer to facebook pages, big brands trying to get maximum likes on their respective pages.

Now when Google+ has over 40 million signups, it is a very wise decision to let the brands in. Corporate people are very important in making up brand and when Google+ is ready with a lot of individuals, the brands will now complete its social presence. It affects the customers that how well their brands interact with them on social networks. With Google+, brands can start hangouts with the people and listen to their feedback.

Google+ pages are well connected and integrated within the Google search so as to improve the social visibility if the page.

It has been reported that Google will soon be adding a new feature called ”Direct Connect” that will allow users to quickly call up a Google+ page by adding a “+” before their search term. So the next time you search for ChillGeeks, add a + before the term and visit our Google+ page.

New! Games on Google+

The last few weeks have seen Google+ taking millions of eyes around the globe. The new networking website, rolled out by Google last month has witnessed the fastest ever user base with more than 10million people joining right in the test phase overloading Google+’s load capacity.

Last week the Google+ project launched the Games section for its users. The games section can be accessed by clicking the new Games icon on top of your stream (as highlighted in the image below).Google  Games Icon
 Google  Games
Games on Google+ comes with an advantage of shared playing over playing installed games on your PC. With the
Google+ project, we want to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to the web. But sharing is about more than just conversations. The experiences we have together are just as important to our relationships. We want to make playing games online just as fun, and just as meaningful, as playing in real life.
That means giving you control over when you see games, how you play them and with whom you share your experiences. Games in Google+ are there when you want them and gone when you don’t.

Sharpening the edge, Games in Google+ don not clutter with your incoming social feed. Google has assured that they will keep the games feed separate from the conversations. You have to choose explicitly to view your game feed.This is sufficiently a big relief from irritating facebook app feeds.

Angry Birds, Bejeweled Blitz, Bubble Island, City of Wonder, Collapse! Blast, Crime City, Diamond Dash, Dragon Age Legends, Dragons of Atlantis, Edge World, Flood-It, Monster World, Sudoku, Wild Ones, Zombie Lane and Zynga Poke constitute some of the most played games in Google+

Try now, just click the Games button at the top of your Google+ page.