Many reasons to buy your laptop online

Laptops are no longer only for the business class. Almost everyone wants a portable computer whether it’s a teenager who uses it to complete assignments or a housewife who purchases groceries online. It is especially useful for those who travel often and want to stay in touch with their work and with friends and family.

If you are planning on purchasing a laptop, it’s always recommended to buy it online. The main reason being, you need to do a lot of research and comparison before making a purchase and where better than the internet to do just that. You have the liberty to browse through a wide collection of laptops from various brands, check their configuration and select only the best laptop online. You can completely skip the trip to the electronic store and all the hassle associated with it.

If you were to check the configuration of every laptop in the store, you are sure to be met with impatient staff and even anxious customers who would be waiting for their turn. When you are making a high end purchase and having to take decisions on crucial matters like the configuration of your laptop, you wouldn’t want to be around a pushy sales executive who is constantly upselling absolutely everything. Shopping online allows you to sit back and make decisions in the comfort of your home. Some of the big electronic stores also have their outlets online as they understand this need for a convenient shopping experience.

Once you have picked the laptop you want to buy, it is advisable to read reviews about it which is yet another advantage of shopping online. Here you can read up on both positive and negative feedback about the laptop from other users and also check the ratings it received which will enable you to make a much more informed choice.

The biggest advantage of purchasing a laptop online is that you can get the most competitive prices online. Online portals offer you warehouse rates which fall much lower than the usual store rates. To top it, the big laptop brands offer you coupon codes which you can redeem and save a lot more when you purchase your new laptop. These coupon codes are only available online on sites like Besides that most online portals offer you additional benefits such as free shipping, easy payment options and easy returns.

Planning on making a purchase? You might want to check out the amazing offers available with your Snapdeal coupon codes on Redeem your Snapdeal coupons for flat Rs. 3000 off on your laptop costing over Rs. 50000. If you are purchasing a laptop costing between Rs. 25000 to Rs. 50000 you can redeem a flat Rs. 1500 off on laptops. For a laptop that cost below Rs. 2500 you can redeem the Snapdeal coupon code and enjoy a flat Rs. 750 off on your new laptop.

It would be difficult to find such money and time saving offers anywhere else. Log on now and make a smart shopping decision.

NetWorx – Free Bandwidth Monitoring and Usage Reporting


NetWorx is a very simple and powerful tool that keeps an eye on all your network connections in live time. The software enables you to check your network speed, your internet traffic details and much more.

It has very exciting feature with which you can add custom alerts that notifies you with visuals and popping sounds whenever there’s an unusual activity which might be due to unauthorized usage on your network, due to malicious software like Trojans or when you exceed your bandwidth limit.

You can customize your NetWorx to give you monthly/weekly or daily reports about your usage. It can generate these reports in a number of exportable formats such as excel, word and HTML. You can even customize it to perform specific actions such as closing down connections or even shutting down the system on detection of suspicious activity. It also includes network tools such as ping, trace route and netstat.

The NetWorx popup menu NetWorx tooltip NetWorx realtime graph

Use your finger gestures to work on Laptop

Last few days I was going through some stuff like running Mac OS on a Dell Laptop, after few days I was able to do that, and now i was working on how to get touchpad gestures as Apple laptops do have. So, I am still not able to get that thing till now, but now I’ve got some software to tell you about which makes work easier with touchpad finger gestures. Scrybe software by Synaptic can be used to open any application or web address or trigger some actions such as cut, copy , paste.

All you need to do is install Scrybe, and tap three figures at once on your Synaptic Touchpad, and there you can draw the shape with your figure and open your music player,MS word, Facebook, Google, and lots more..!Smile

M for music!

You just need to make a shape like above and corresponding application will start, you can also define custom action/applications/web address using this application.


Speccy- Know Your System Well

Last week, I have purchased a new Laptop with a best buy coupon and the 20 percent discount I received allowed me to buy different types of software, more memory, and a bigger hard drive so that my new laptop could perform at its best, but I was quite unsure about its configuration and thus I was in need of an All-in-one Software desperately which lists out a summary of my hardware along with its Statistics.
After a few search, I found this cool software tool for windows which gives you a detailed statistics on every piece of hardware in your computer including CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Cards, Hard Disks, Optical Drives, Audio support.

If you need to add more memory to your system, for example, you can check how many memory slots your computer has and what memory’s already installed. Then you can go out and buy the right type of memory to add on or replace what you’ve already got.
Additionally Speccy adds the temperatures of your different components, so you can easily see if there’s a problem!

  • Processor brand and model
  • Hard drive size and speed
  • Amount of memory (RAM)
  • Graphics card
  • Operating system

At first glance, Speccy may seem like an application for system administrators and power users. It certainly is, but Speccy can also help normal users, in everyday computing life.
Very Interestingly, this application is absolutely free and perhaps it uses a very little CPU Usage!
You may Download it from here

BatteryCare for your Laptop Battery

taskbarBattery Care is an alternate to power icon in taskbar, for Windows. Battery care shows up percentage of battery remaining and estimated time remaining according to statistical data. It also shows up CPU temperature. It is also light weight on system, and installer is just of 619 KB. It requires MS .NET framework 2 to be installed to run it on Windows OS.

Detail View

You can download this small piece of software, and optimize your battery’s performance by visiting its official site[]

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Disable Error Reporting in Windows Vista

I do not like error reporting service of Windows Vista, which shows for send error report, closing the program and debugging the program.Well, its very obvious that when error has come up in any program, then we have no other choice to close it. I’ve tried submitting the error reports thousand times, but nothing happened, and it still shows that errors. As, I am not a programmer so, debugging any program is not my job. The only alternative left to me is disabling the useless error reporting window.

If you are also upset with this feature of windows vista, and want to disable it, just follow these instructions-

  • Open Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key + R
  • Type and open wercon.exewercon
  • Click Change Settings on left pane.
    change settings
  • Then click advanced settings.
    Advance Settings
  • Turn off error reporting, for your self or for all users according to your choice.
    Save Settings

Other way to disable error reporting is, using services console-

  • Open services console by opening services.msc from Run dialog.
  • Find Windows Error Reporting Service in the list.
  • Right click to stop that service, instantaneously.
  • To disable error reporting service, double click Windows Error Reporting Service, and click on stop.

Error Reporting

Securing Wi-Fi Connection at Home

wirelessI’ve recently bought  new laptop, and created partitions on its hard disk. Now, I’ve got Wi-Fi modem installed in my home. So, to prevent from my neighbours or some outsiders sharing connection, I need to secure it…

I am using BSNL broadband connection, in PPPOE mode, which makes the connection more unsecure, as password is saved inside modem itself. So, I’ve found a way to secure my Wireless connection using WEP security key.

WEP security can be setup by following these steps-

Modem / Router Settings

  • Visit and give Username: admin Password : admin
  • Now click on Security Tab, then click in Security
  • Chose your SSID and click Enable WEP Encryption, and chose encryption strength as 128 bit or stronger
  • Set the network key, which will be used as password to access wireless connection.
  • Save and Apply the settings

Windows Settings

  • Now, you’ve to do similar settings in your Wi-Fi access device too.
  • For setting in Windows Vista, double click the Networking Icon in taskbar.
  • Your security enabled network SSID will be listed there, right click that network, and select properties.
  • Now, give the same WEP key , which you earlier gave in setting up of modem

And you are done, with setting up of your modem for secure Wireless connection. For more details, you can see the video posted below

Creating Partition in Laptop

ibmWell, as I’ve recently bought new laptop with 500 GB hard disk. So, first thing that came to my mind is managing my important data, which can be done by creating partitions. Partitioning comes with many advantages, like-

  • Disk Partitioning can be used to group one type of data together; like music, movies, soft wares, downloads, documents, etc.
  • In case of virus attacks, there are less chances of data getting infected if they are in different partition.
  • In case of data recovery requirement, the whole C drive is formatted. So, if important data is kept in some other drive, we can safely opt for data recovery. 

Most of laptop nowadays are coming with preinstalled Windows Vista, or Windows XP. So, I found two methods for creating partitions in Windows OS, by two ways. One of these do not require any software installation, and other requires Acronis Disk Director Suite.

Partitioning without any software

Follow these steps to create partitions in Windows OS, without need of any software installations-

  • Run Dailog Press Windows Key + R , and write diskmgmt.msc and press Ok
  • Disk management window, showing your current partition table will be shown
  • Select the disk you want to resize, by right clicking it and selecting Shrink Volume option
  • Then specify the size to be shrunken out and press Ok to apply
    Shrink Volume
  • This will create a raw free disk space of the size specified
  • New right click the free raw disk space to create a new partition out of it
  • And, you are done with creating new partitions…

Partitioning with Acronis Software

Sometimes, you might get an error that partition can not be shrunk, because of reserved disk space for Windows OS drive. In that case you need to use some software. In my case I’ve used Acronis Disk Director, which is very easy to use software. It creates partitions very easily without any problems.This software package comes with Partition manager, OS selector and Recovery expert. You can get an overview about this product and download it from here.Acronis Disk Director

My New Blogging Tool

 lighten the dell badge.Well, after waiting for 6 days eagerly, today I’ve got my Dell Studio 15.
So, lets start with configuration, which I’ve bought-

  • Processor     – Core 2 duo 2.1 GHz
  • Hard Disk     -  500 GB
  • Disk Drive     -  Blue Ray Drive
  • RAM               -  4 GB DDR2
  • Graphic Memory – 512 MB dedicated memory ATI Graphics Card
  • Integrated Bluetooth, Webcam and Wi-Fi

After analysis of two months I was able to decide to go with Dell Studio Laptop, coz I think that it will give me the best performance at cheapest rates. The first thing I did, when I received Dell Studio 1555 was, to check my laptops rating using Windows Vista Home Premium, and it gave a score of 4.9, and which is great for me, never seen such a score ever before.

I am most excited about running a blue ray disc of 25 GB capacity on my laptop, it would be amazing. Here, I want to give a short review which I find on first lookblue ray

  • Pros
    Best Performing laptop, I’ve ever seen…
    Slot load disc drive.
    Amazing body finish.
    Power button is amazingly located on lid of laptop. 
    Got all the installation CDs and DVDs, including Windows Vista DVD
    Light in weight, produces less heat
    Comes with HDMI port
  • Cons
    Does not have a Remote control and Infrared port.
    Relatively low volume, then expected…
    No hard disk loading/ processing indicator LED

Well this was my first look to my laptop. I’ll be testing it for next few days, and will also post some tips and tricks to improve laptop performance and getting your laptop prevented from theft.

Top 10 Ways To Save Your Battery

Today in this post I will give you some tips on how to save the battery of your laptop. So without waisting much time, I start here :-

  • Decrease the Contrast
By decreasing the contrast, you can save much of your battery. Just choose that amount of contrast that soothes your eyes.

  • Switch-Off Wii-Fii and Bluetooth
Many laptops have the shortcut keys for turning off bluetooth and wiifii. These consume a considerable amount of energy.
  • Choose a Power Saver Plan
Almost all the laptops have a power saver plan. Switch to that power plan by clicking to the battery.
  • Don’t Play Any MultiMedia Thing

click below to read more…

Multimedia activities drain laptop batteries. So avoid them when you want to save your battery.
  • Decrease Volume
Decrease the speaker volume and if possible ,mute them.
  • Remove All The External Drives
Remove all the external drives that are connected to your laptop, let it be mouse or something else.
  • Remove Battery While Plugged In
If your battery is completely charged, remove your battery while charging. This will ensure a long battery life too.
  • Use Hibernate Mode
Avoid Shut down and switch to Hibernate if you have to turn it on again and again. Restarting consumes more battery.
  • Switch Off All Schedule Tasks
  • Turn-Off autosave in Word Documnts or Other Applications