5 things to remember before buying a new smartphone

When you need a new smartphone, it isn’t easy deciding which phone to pick and if you are not careful, you might end up paying extra for features you do not need. That is why it is advisable to compare mobile features and make an informed decision.compare mobile features

The top runners in the list of good smartphones are the Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 5s, Motorola Moto X, HTC One (M8), LG G2, Nokia Lumia 1520, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Google Nexus 5 a
nd Motorola Moto G. Keep in mind the design, display, performance, camera and battery while comparing these phones.


You need to decide whether you want a small phone that fits easily in your pocket or you would rather prefer a big screen phone. The iPhone 5s is relatively small in size compared to the massive Lumia 1520. Getting a small size phone doesn’t guarantee it being lightweight, most often it is the opposite. The smaller phone, most often is the heaviest. The Nexus 5 however, is small in size and lightweight. Phones often come in plastic or aluminum. However, there are exceptions such as the wood backed Moto X. The Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 have soft leather back panels. The Lumia 1520 looks best with its polycarbonate exterior which adds a premium look to the phone. There was a time when all smartphones were black but that trend is undergone change in the past few years offering customers much more variety with various colour options.


If you want a brilliant gaming and viewing experience, you need a large screen display like in the Lumia 1520. Most smartphones will give you a resolution of 1080 pixels. The tap-on feature which wakes up the phone with a double tap on the screen is available in the LG G2 and there is a similar feature in the HTC One (M8). The fingerprint sensor is available in the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5. The Samsung scanner even lets you login to PayPal with just a touch of your finger.


The processor is by far the most important element in the phone. The ultimate processor to be desired is the Qualcomm Snapdragon. Reach ultimate speeds with the Galaxy Note 3 offering you 3 GB of RAM. Most smartphones have average internal storage space but they let you expand it with a micro SD card.




A phone with a higher battery capacity doesn’t always mean that you will enjoy long battery life. The Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) have long battery life compared to many other smartphones. These two phones stretch their battery life using the power saving mode feature.

A camera is very important in a phone. The Lumia has a 20 MP PureView camera which takes the best quality photos. When it comes to taking selfies the HTC One M8 is the ultimate with the 5 MP front camera.

Certainly, to zero-in on a handset one needs to compare between dozens of features, and that times this can be confusing. CompareRaja gives you an insight on and helps you compare mobile features. Your mobile buying blues are instantly sorted.

Add a countdown to your page using jQuery Responsive Countdown

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here.

Table of Contents

  1. Brief Description
  2. Step 1 (Download, Unzip)
  3. Step 2 (Set options)
  4. Step 3 (Import required files)
  5. Step 4 (Create HTML container)
  6. Step 5 (Create and activate countdown)
  7. Resources

Brief Description – top

jQuery Responsive Countdown is a tool that gives you the ability to create a nice looking countdown, which uses flipping animation to display remaining time to a target date. Since it is based on the canvas object it cannot run natively in older browsers like IE8. The tool uses SVG data to draw the digits and the panels, so it is scalable and looks nice on larger resolutions too. It does not use images, so it is very easy to change colors and adapt the look of it to the design of your page. The tool has a large list of options, but it can also be activated with few lines of code.

In this tutorial I will show you how to add the tool to a coming soon page.

Step 1 (Download, Unzip) – top

Download the countdown package and unzip it in a folder on your web server. Load the index page, which features the Visual Builder.

Step 2 (Set options) – top

1. Using the Visual Builder you will be able to set the colors and all other options that will make your countdown unique. The tool shows the days, hours, minutes and seconds in two types of groups. Group one is used for the most right positioned group – usually that groups is the seconds group and then for every other group (usually hours). The other group is used alternatively.

2. For each group you can set the color of the digits (digit gr1, digit gr2) which is solid color. You can also set the color of the panels. Panels can use gradient color (gradient gr1, gradient gr2), or solid color if equal values for each group are entered. The Visual Builder allows the usage of background color, which gives you idea how the countdown will look against the background of your page. Each group can be hidden and number of day digits can be set. Let us imagine that the colors from the image below (fig. 1) are used in your html page design. Using the Visual Builder (fig. 2) the colors of the countdown can changed (fig. 3, fig. 4).

fig. 1
fig. 2
fig. 3
fig. 4

3. Groups can be divided not only by color, but also by space. Normally digits have a bit of space between them, but you can add more between groups (spacing). That option is a number of additional space added to the normal that exists between digits. You can further divide groups by adding a spacer (spacer). It can be circles or squares. The spacer uses the color settings of the labels. Let us use circle dividers and 3x spacing (fig. 5).

fig. 5

4. Since the countdown resizes within the space available it may become very large. You can use the (max height) option to control the maximum size of it. Labels can be hidden (show labels) and their color (labels color) and glow color (labels glow) can be set. Glow color is used to soften the look of the labels, which in some browsers look too pixelated. Glow can be turned off though using the (glow = 0) option. The labels can have long and short caption. Short caption is used when there is not enough space to show the long caption. The labels resize along with digits, but if they reach the minimum size allowed (min size) the short caption is used. Max size can also be controlled for larger resolutions. Use fonts that are web friendly. The font size is calculated based on the size of the digits. So you need to set a percentage value. The gap above the labels that separates them from the digits is again set as a percentage but this time based on the size of the labels. Let for our example use these labels: DAYS, HOURS, MINUTES, SECONDS and set 33% for font size and 0% for gap (fig. 6).

fig. 6

5. Very important option to set is the target date and time zone. Let us imagine that we are creating coming soon page that will be live on the 14th of February 2016. Setting the time zone allows people from different portions of the world to see same time remaining to your target date. You can set it to your time zone or for example to the time zone where your site will be hosted. I will set time zone 2 for this example (fig. 7)

fig. 7

Step 3 (Import required files) – top

Import these in the head section of your page.

<script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.9.1.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.responsive_countdown.js"></script>

Step 4 (Create HTML container) – top

The tool needs a container to display in. For our example it can be a div element with 100% width. That means the countdown will try to cover all available browser width. Only the maximum height can prevent it from taking all available width for large resolutions. The div needs to have an id, which will be used when the tool is created. Another important setting is the relative position of the div. This is a must because the countdown creates absolutely positioned canvas elements.

<div id="first_countdown" style="position: relative; width: 100%; height: 50px;"></div>

Step 5 (Create and activate countdown) – top

The Visual Builder outputs the needed javascript code for countdown creation and activation. You need to select that text and use it (fig. 8). Note that the id of the div you created matches the one used in the selector (first_countdown). You can paste that code in the body or in the head of your page.

fig. 8
  $(function() {
      target_date:"2016/2/14 00:00:00",
      fillStyleSymbol1:"rgba(255, 227, 227, 1)",
      fillStyleSymbol2:"rgba(219, 228, 255, 1)",
      fillStylesPanel_g1_1:"rgba(154, 102, 52, 1)",
      fillStylesPanel_g1_2:"rgba(186, 123, 63, 1)",
      fillStylesPanel_g2_1:"rgba(51, 103, 153, 1)",
      fillStylesPanel_g2_2:"rgba(57, 115, 171, 1)",
      text_color:"rgba(0, 0, 0, 1)",
      text_glow:"rgba(168, 162, 162, 1)",

Resources – top

The countdown can be used to show elapsed time too. It also has a custom mode, where it waits for outside calls that change the states of its digits. The tool has another set of digits. Different sets can be added easily using some SVG descriptions. Full documentation is available at jQuery Responsive Countdown Documentation. The tool is available at jQuery Responsive Countdown with Visual Builder.

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here.

This post is written by Krasimir Dimov  who loves to play with jQuery and HTML5. You can reach him by clicking here

Best HTML5 Mobile Apps UI Frameworks

While the fight is still on whether HTML5 Apps are better or Native Mobile apps , the market is flooded by both and the number of free downloads are expected to grow to 138,809 Millions by 2014 as per the Gartner Report.  Since the growth rate of paid apps is much less than the free apps, there has to be a way to keep the cost of developing apps low.HTML5 Mobile Apps are in the market for quite some time and they have evolved a lot.  There’s no doubt that the HTML5 apps are a cheaper means to develop because of the following reasons :

  • HTML5 Apps are built on WORA concept( Write Once Run Anywhere ), one can develop for iOS, Android, Windows and BBM by writing the same code. ( You can read how to develop HTML5 apps by clicking here )so the cost of development is very low.
  • The cost for  Maintaining and Supporting  HTML5 Mobile Apps is less as there is only a single code base .

So  in this article, we will tell you some of the leading UI Frameworks that will help you to develop  HTML5 mobile apps. Using a framework saves the time of the developer and improves the performance.

One of the oldest UI Frameworks around, this is the most widely used mobile framework. This is light weight, extensively uses jQuery and includes huge number of third party plugins and themes. One of the reason of its popularity is that it’s free and open source (MIT licensed). There are large number of resources available online(Stack Overflow) that can teach how to use and will help in development.

However, personally we feel that this framework isn’t that robust and can’t handle heavy applications. Problems like flickering are rampant and jQueryMobile continues to improve.

Based on the popular MVC architecture, Sencha Touch comes with 50+ built in components . Developers can also created their own components and  it also gives storage, device profile and top-level application  abstractions. Now supporting phonegap, Sencha Touch is giving tough competition to jQueryMobile.

Developers having hands on experience in ExtJS and Backbone.js will not have any problems developing mobile apps in Sencha Touch.

While there aren’t any performance issues like that of jQueryMobile, the fact that it’s not free completely may be a disadvantage.

Telerik’s brain child Kendo UI Mobile has been the buzz word and those who have used it, rate it the best. Based on the MVC Framework like Sencha Touch, there aren’t any major performance issues. Having developed many financial apps in this framework, this will certainly capture the market very soon. The only disadvantage that it has the huge cost which makes it  not so suitable for developers but companies.

This is a part of the large Kendo UI Framework which makes it the best available option for web, mobile and the desktop apps. They have the much talked about “flat” theme of the iOS and otherOS specific themes and functionality.

The much talked about Intel’s framework is fast, optimized for iOS and Android but not reliable. It has MVC framework and it also allows external framework to work along.  There’s no need to depend upon Phonegap for this small and light framework.

However, the documentation available on the website isn’t detailed.  This framework is still in developing stage.

How mobile Apps are Changing the Traditional Politics

The largest democracy in the world will see the general elections in 2014 and Mobile Apps , just like other multi media technologies are proving to be a game changer. In the recently held elections in 5 states of India where the number of voters were more than the entire population of some countries of the world, the parties that used social media had an edge over the others. There are two ways in which mobile apps can be put to use in the elections. First is by the political parties, to woo the voters and to make them aware of the schemes or manifestos, Second is by the third parties, like NEWS companies to analyse, aware and to communicate.  Not only in India, the role of Mobile apps has been seen in the 2008 US elections and the recently held Japanese elections too.

Focusing on India, AAP’s mobile app connects very much with the public and contains latest blogs from their leaders, opinion polls, twitter and Facebook connectivity, videos and much more. It also has a donate feature which will help them to raise the money.  Similarly, BJP’s mobile app tells you about the BJP and provides important information for voters. Presently focused on Delhi, just like AAP’s app, these apps will have to be changed for the upcoming general elections.

Just like the role of social media can’t be ignored in the upcoming elections, Mobile apps too are gaining popularity. However, there is a huge scope for developers. There aren’t many mobile apps in the market for the upcoming elections in the India and considering the number of mobile phone users, the market is huge. This time , it will be different. If put to use correctly, the apps can provide a direct connect between voters and the politicians. India should learn from the social and digital campaign of Obama. The mobile apps developers need to tap this talent and fill this gap and engage more and more people through their mobile apps. While the apps are very few today, it will be interesting to see how things go by the time we come towards 2014 elections.

Mobile Markets for High-Tech Plungers

We may live in a global world where the financial markets never sleep, but keeping in touch with the latest prices no longer requires us to be tethered to a laptop or desktop computer. The new breed of mobile apps allow us to receive up-to-the-minute charts, figures and analysts’ reports while equipped with nothing more than a free-wheeling tablet or smartphone. Below we’ve included ten of the best apps we can find, given the rather specific demands of these programs.

The best of these apps are far more than mere conversions of existing desktop software. Even in the normal-sized trading world, debates proliferate about whether it’s better to be a ‘Technical Analyst’, using chart action to plot the next move, or a ‘Fundamentals’ trader, combing the balance sheets for such old-fashioned snippets of info as revenue and cash flow. Either approach, though, demands access to lots of intricate data, and the cramped screens and limited workspace of even relatively large tablets aren’t a natural fit. However, by simplifying the controls, and creating nimble interfaces that allow users to effortlessly zoom in and out, or switch between timeframes, even stunningly ornate charts can be recreated in something like their full glory. The wonder ofiChartist, for instance, offers many of the everyday tools that a market trader might require. On the other hand, Stock Guru arms investors with all the stats, sheets, and ratios that they might need. In the capable hands of such apps, the financial markets have made a successful transition to the small screen.

There are some important points to remember. Most of the best financial apps are Apple only, and Android users will find themselves with fewer options – if you’re thinking of buying a device in the coming months, you’ll be more comfortable if you opt for Apple. Many of the apps here are cheap compared to desktop applications, but you’ll often have hidden charges. If you want anything other than delayed prices or end of day data, you’ll probably need to factor in exchange fees. You may also be forced to switch your money to another broker in order to get the full benefit of some apps. Make sure that the app itself is designed to handle the type of markets that you’re interested in. Playing the stock market, for instance, is very different from dealing in commodities or forex (foreign exchange). Options traders will likely need an app tailored to their needs. Also, a desktop PC is rather hard to lose. An iPad less so. If you’re looking to carry your device around with you for frequent updates, the risk of damage will be higher. Luckily, it’s quite easy to find some juicy policies for iPads that can cover you against theft, damage, and even the risk of pouring a cup of coffee onto the screen as your new stock climbs unexpectedly into the green.

Top 10 Apps

1. Stock Guru (Apple) – $19.99 – Stock Guru has quickly established itself as the essential app for those who work with old-fashioned fundamentals rather than Technical Analysis. It holds details of close to 7,000 stocks and shares (on NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ), and collates many of the best-loved tools and reports. The Sharpe Ratio and Risk scores let you root out the safer picks, while financial strength and momentum ratings add texture to your findings. You can see what business luminaries are saying about specific stock, and check out their raw figures, using screening tools to remove the chaff. It’s not cheap, at $19.99, but to any serious investor, this will be money well spent.

2. iChartist (Apple) – $8.99 – In some senses the flipside of Stock Guru, iChartist is aimed squarely at Technical Analysis mavens. Effortlessly dodging the usual pitfalls of displaying charts on the small screen, iChartist impresses with a superb interface thatlets you zoom in and out with a quick pinch or squeeze of the fingers. You can choose between candlestick, line and OHLC charts. Impressively, you can even add trend lines, Fibonacci retracements, and such essentials as Bollinger Bands and MACD. It can even cater for commodities and forex, as well as stocks and shares. It’s not cheap, but the price does contain end of day data. You will get a fuller features list with a desktop version, but in the world of apps, this is the TA king.

3. StockWatch (Apple) – $2.99 – This app concentrates less on bringing you lots of information and analysis, and more on letting you check your entire portfolio at a glance. You can monitor every stock you own, stealing a quick glance at the price and gain/loss whenever you wish. Vastly simplified, it’s a neat way of checking where you are within seconds.

4. CBNC Real-Time (Apple) – Free – Probably the best of the news apps, CBNC’s slick interface lets you keep up with the latest events. Stock quotes even extend to pre- and post-market data, so you can see how participants are reacting to breaking news stories, financial results announced after the market close etc. A good use of graphs illuminate key stories, and historical charts are available to add a little context. News clips are collected from the television channel, so there’s a constant injection of new material. This is about the best there is for free. The Bloomberg app is also worth catching, though, especially with its use of push notifications to keep you fully informed throughout the day.

5. StockTwits (Apple/Android) – Free – Market trading is really about having the right information. As the name suggests, StockTwits tries to create a Twitter-style network for market enthusiasts, letting them talk figures and buy/sell signals all day long. You can follow all messages on a specific stock, or just subscribe to particular users instead. Like its model, StockTwits has plenty of babble, but if you’re prepared to sift a little, you can pick out sparkling nuggets of information. One to keep an eye on, but also one to try not being distracted by.

6. JStock Android (Android) – Free ($4.99 to lose advertisements) – Android users aren’t best served by general charts packages, but this is one of the better options, and covers most stocks. The effective use of color makes it a pleasure to use, and a number of useful filters and conversion tools help you to keep on top of your stocks. It lacks the sophisticated features of Stock Guru or iChartist, but will be a workable substitute for Android users.

7. FuturesLive (Apple) – $1.99 – Dedicated to the commodities markets, this app makes it very easy to monitor the price of pork bellies, orange juice, oil, gold, or just about any commodity. In all honesty, the commodities markets are extensive enough in their own right, so it’s nice not having to give extra room to also accommodate the stockmarkets. It lacks the advanced features of iChartist, but will provide commodities specialists with the best way of keeping an eye on their portfolio.

8. OptionsHouse (Apple/Android) – Free – The maths-heavy world of options trading isn’t for everyone, but this is the top app in that field. You may want to look elsewhere for properly designed charts and news, but many of the options-specific features are stunning, including the wonderfully intuitive handling of options chains. You will need to open an account with OptionsHouse but, otherwise, this is an exemplary guide through the esoteric landscape of options trading.

9. iTrade Stock Market Simulator (Apple) – Free – A simulation of the stock market that allows would-be investors to have a plunge without putting their real funds at risk, this is a sparkling introduction to the markets. You’re given up to 100K to build a portfolio, and you even get the chance to do research and follow the news stories on your choices. It can’t recreate the nervous tension that most real-life investors will be familiar with, but it does give you a taste of what will be needed to succeed. You can add extra pep by getting your friends and family to join, and you can even create a private leaderboard to increase the competitive edge. The Fantasy Stock app is another very nice variation on this theme.

10. Stockmarket Technical Analysis (Android) – Free -Everyone needs to start somewhere. This app takes you through all the basics (and some of the more advanced features) of technical analysis, using clear illustrations to make the point. It perhaps doesn’t do anything a decent web-site can’t, and serious users would be better off burying their heads in a copy of John J Murphy. But as an intro to the unforgiving world of TA, this is a nice little app.

This post is written by Eve Pearce who has a Graduation in International Business and Journalism

CHM.. What is it..?

I’ve seen a lot of people not getting chm extension. CHM means Compiled HtMl Help file, it generally opens in windows only. Few days back I shared a java book in CHM format on my personal blog here. Now, I am the one who is always on move.., so I needed some handheld chm reader. A few digging up landed me to HugeMatrix CHM reader, this solved my problem of reading CHM files in my Nokia Symbian based mobile.



Now I am doing java on the go! 🙂

Top Financial Apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, HTC and Nokia

This list is something that you can finally tell your dad so as to why he must buy you a smartphone. Here’s a list of all time best Financial Apps.



Available for download on iPhone, Android and Blackberry, Pageonce is a free app that lets you manage your personal finance in the most gracious way. It automatically organizes and tracks your money, bills, bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts, frequent flyer miles, rewards, mobile minutes, text and data usage. You can even customize the app to get reminders and alerts.



Another little app from mint.com to organize all your money, investment and bills from your smartphone device. The app allows you add transactions and even their locations with the help of Google Maps. This app is available for download on iPhone and Android.


Money Manager


This simple app lets you manage your finances in an easy way. It features in and out entries, category management, charts, CSV export and comes with a widget, backup and restore capabilities, choose date and choose currency ability.


bloombergAvailable for Symbian, iPhone and Android, this app from Bloomberg itself helps you get business and finance news, market data and stock tracking tools from the most trusted source financial professionals around the world rely upon.

E*Trade Mobile Pro

ChekbookThis app here, allows you to securely buy, sell, and place orders with a few taps, Anywhere, Anytime during market hours. It also provides free real-time quotes, news, charts and market commentary.



ETrade.Checkbook is an app that helps you manage your financial transactions without having the need if carrying your paper register with you all the time.
This app is been featured in in Daniel Begun’s upcoming book "Amazing Android Apps for Dummies".


CurrencyThis app helps you convert among 160+ currencies and commodities using up-to-the-minute foreign exchange rates.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage CalculatorThis app lets you calculate interests, outstanding amounts eligibility criteria for various loans. It also helps you manage all your loan needs and manages your loan accounts.


StocksThis app lets you synchronize you portfolio at Google finance so that you never loose your transactions again. It support markets in US, Canada, UK, HK, Japan etc..

Expense Manager

EXPENSE MANAGERA very simple, yet extremely useful app that lets you manage all your sources of income and all your expenditure in the same place. It includes expense tracking and weekly/monthly/yearly income tracking. It can operate among multiple accounts, schedule the payments and recurring payments, payment alerts and more. The app is available for download on Symbian, Android and iPhone

Back Up Your Phone Online For Free With Everdroid

EverdroidEverdroid is a free web service that lets you backup and synchronize your Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, SMS Text Messages and Bookmarks from your mobile device to Everdroids’s web server. The free service uses your phone’s SyncML feature.

Everdroid offers a lot more on  native Android devices. Everdroid is available as a iPhone and Android app that automates the process making it even more easier. The service is easy to use and supports all major mobile devices.

You can even edit your data on the online interface easily and then get them back on your device.
Everdroid_Contact Edit

Everdroid_GooglenFBEverdroid also supports Google and facebook contacts. You just need to grant it the required permissions and your Google and facebook contacts. It also works with Google Calendar so that you never miss those important appointments again.

In short, it is Simple and Convenient.

Try Now, Visit Everdroid.com

Angle Meter – Measure Inclination With Your Phone!


Originally Nokia introduced accelerometer in their phones to perform basic tricks like changing the phone’s orientation on tilting, a better screen view when using the camera or a basic motion games. But now, there are numerous application being written to push to test this technology at its best. The first few apps included those with a glass of coke that spilled when you tilted your phone.

Here’s an amazing touch app that uses your phone’s inbuilt sensor to measure the inclination with a reference line. This pedometer or spirit level app measures those angles well. The Angle Meter app consists of a small semi circle, calibrated in degrees with a small thin line that moves with your phone and measures the tilt angle quite exactly. Just move your phone, pick a reference line and start measuring angles.


What we liked:

  • We found Angle Meter quite exact, that little line moved exactly when we expected it to.
  • The small reset button. that recalibrates the angle to zero when pressed, quite helpful in case you wish to measure differences in different angles.

The application can be downloaded from here.

Trade Stocks From Your Mobile

Be it day trading or long term investments, you would never like to miss those sharp peaks in the day to day Sensex analysis. here we bring to you a list of mobile software that will lighten your burdens, manage your portfolios and give you updates quotes and prices throughout the day. After reading this article, you’ll be able to know how you can trade and manage your stocks and portfolios on your mobile.

Investar India

Investar India

  • Shows Interactive Candlestick & Line chart (six month daily view) along with Indicators like EMA, SMA, RSI, Stochastics, MACD and Volume. Investar indian stock market
  • Splits, Dividends and Bonuses displayed in the Charts.
  • Shows OHLC values
  • Shows Pivot Lines and Resistance & Support Levels.
  • Allows users to Add Notes.
  • Shows complete Market Overview with Market Summary and Stock Summary.
  • Favorite Manager allows user to add/delete Favorite Stocks and shows
  • Pivot-Point based Support and Resistance Levels.
  • View Stock Picks published by the user at investarindia.com

Download here.

    Stock India


    Another app that gets you near live quotes directly from NSE/BSE and do not rely on Google/Yahoo! for its services.

    You can also create your personal portfolio.

    This application is also available for download on Android.

    Download it here.

    BSE NSE Stock Markets Live


    Offers live commentary from the latest Indian stock market news & Indian company stock quotes. You can keep track of your stock portfolio with stocks watch list. It displays tips for stock trading & investing from market experts on Bloomberg, CNBC, Times Now, NDTV Profit, Zee Business, Moneycontrol, Rediff Moneywiz and more. Follow the Nifty and Sensex with intraday charts, daily gainers and losers in Indian markets.

    Download it here.

    Moneycontrol-Markets on Mobile

    Money Control The Markets on Mobile app powered by moneycontrol.com is your gateway to all critical real-time information about the Indian and global markets. If you are an investor, trader, professional or just interested in business, economy and financial markets, you will find this to be an invaluable tool. Use the application to get real time stock quotes, Indices, manage and track your investment portfolio, watch Live TV and get in-depth coverage & analysis of financial markets, economy and business.

    Download it here.