A brief guide to purchasing digital cameras

digital camera prices in IndiaOwning a decent digital camera is the current craze all over the world. Surprising but true as most of the smartphones available today are fitted with powerful camera specifications which are popularly used for clicking images all the time.  But a new trend of users interested in digital cameras is rapidly emerging across the world. The reason being they would like to try their hand at professional photography or at least shift from amateur photography to a slightly better photography with a professional touch. . Also with the increase in the interest of photography the digital camera prices in India have plummeted to a reasonable level.

Entry Level DSLRs

Models :  Nikon D5200, Canon EOS Rebel T5i, Nikon D5100, Nikond D3300, Pentax K-50

Ideal for them would be to begin with entry level DSLRs with interchangeable lens with decent speed and image quality. Further, these cameras can be used either at manual mode or automatic mode as per the user’s preference.  Ideally, these cameras are fit for shooting family members at various occasions including children and pets in action

Prosumers DSLR

Models : Sony Alpha 1LCE-7R, Sony Alpha 600, Fujifilm X-T1, Olympus OM-D E-M1

Moving on to the next level, you will find quality cameras with interchangeable lenses that promise a better performance than P&S cameras and even entry level DSLRs.  Ideal for those pursuing photography and video shooting as a hoppy but would like to experiment with length and light. Most of these models are compact in size and offer manual as well as semi-automatic modes of use.  Image quality is indeed to the next level while ideal for creative videos and for those who wish to venture into entry level commercial photography.


Models: Canon EOS 5F Mark II, Nikon D300S, Nikon D4, Sony Alpha SLT-A99

The Pro dSLR range of cameras is one step above the prosumer range of cameras. These cameras are equipped with full-frame or APS-C sensor with interchangeable lenses, optical viewfinder with manual operation only. Pro dSLR range of cameras is ideal for photographers who wish to lay their hands on reliable and consistently performing cameras which can effectively capture action oriented images – birds in flight, sports actions and many more.

As you check, compare and browse the available range of phones for various photography related specifications, some new offerings which could be of use to are –

GPS – Of course, it would be of great use to know the exact location of the captured image and this is possible through the in-built GPS receiver.  Some mid-range dSLR cameras are equipped with this feature so do keep on a look out for them, if you wish to use it for your images. Through the GPS, you can tag photos with other important details such as time, date, landmark information and much more. But on the negative point, using GPS causes a drain on your battery power so be prepared for it.

Wi-Fi – With enhanced internet connectivity across the globe and transfer of images and videos directly on the cloud storage or networked PCs or mobile devices, accessing them does become easy and greatly convenient. At the same time, you can upload them on photo sharing sites at a faster rate rather than transferring images on a PC and then upload them. Saves a great deal of time …. Right?

Photography is an interesting hobby to pursue and if you are serious about it, there are many digital cameras you can begin with and upgrade to. But before you purchase them make sure you compare digital camera prices in India and click the best deal – money wise and feature wise too!!

Share Files easily with general files

clip_image003Internet is fast spreading even in the remotest of areas. Whether it is getting information, downloading videos music or files, it can do it all. But have you ever been in a situation when you wished to send your friend or a colleague a file via email which was somewhat over the email attachment limit (usually around 20MB) and found it difficult to proceed. We have something here with us that will help you solve all your problems, General-Files
clip_image002General-Files.com is one of the finest web services offering file sharing features. Its huge database of songs, movies, presentations and numerous other free files will surely help your way. The fast and simple to use File Sharing Search enables you to index and upload files up to 4GB. You can all types of personal files with a large number of formats supported for indexing and storage. The database is fully customizable and you can quickly remove unused or duplicate files to give it a clean user interface.

The efficient and powerful search engine helps you locate and download your file even if you forget the download URL unlike many other popular file storing websites. You can not only upload files from your hard drive but can also download millions of user upload(s) every day. You can download free video(s), mp3(s), software(s), files and other documents. The power search filters helps you get the desired file precisely and quickly. You can view the top downloads and the recently added files right on the front page of the website.

With General-Files you will never have to face a broken or misleading download link as the database is cleaned regularly to give you the best of services. Users are also allowed to mark a file as misleading or broken by flagging them as “Bad Files”

You may also like to utilize the large user base of the website to advertise your products by uploading a demo version of your file and making other users crave for more. The friendly search engine will help you spread your product with millions every day.
You can also subscribe for specific alerts. Suppose you are looking for a particular file which is not available at the moment, then you and subscribe for email alerts for that particular keyword. The automated system will inform you when your desired file is available for download and you can then download the same at your wish.

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Convert all video files with movavi

clip_image002A picture is worth a thousand words, and video certainly millions but what if those million words don’t fit in your player or device. Here is a fast and awesome software that will help you solve this problem with utmost ease. Movavi Video Converter is fast, easy, reliable and feature full all video converter.

clip_image004The Movavi Video converter is a free and powerful

Movavi Video converter is a fast and powerful video converter that can able to convert video formats like .avi, .mp4, .flv, .mpeg, .3gp, .mkv , .m4v, .vrp, .wmv, .vob, .dat, .mpg, .mod, .ifo, .asf, .swf, .qt, and many more.

A huge list of preconfigured devices including Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, Android phones, Amazon Kindle, Dell and another 200 devices converts videos that suit your device and that too without losing the video quality.

The software is fully featured and can easily grab and extract video from your video files. You can even choose the output format for your audio file. Few of those video formats include .mp3, .wav, .wma, .ogg, .aac, .flac, etc.

What’s More? The smart video converter comes with a host of other features. You have the power to edit and amend your videos before you use them. Whether you want them sell or share with your friends on facebook or youtube. You can split, add, divide, apply filters, rotate and add watermarks.

The converter uses NVIDIA CUDA technology to speed up the conversion of your video.

Try all these awesome features today of Movavi Video converter .

Convert and Manage PDF Files easily with PDF Converter Elite

Without ay doubt, PDF is the most widely used file format. Small and highly supported, you use them everyday at work, home, school etc. There are times when you need to convert them to another format, probably when you receive a PDF data sheet and wish to review the same in excel or when you need to edit a document etc. etc. With this article, we review a brand new application, PDF Converter Elite 3 which can help you save a lot of your time.

PDF Converter Elite 3 is a light and wonderful PDF management suite that is fully equipped to create, convert and manage all your PDF requirements. You can convert to and fro from Word, Excel and Powerpoint and Paint. It also enables you to secure your PDF files. Download a 15 day trial from here.



On the home screen, you can choose to “Create”, “Edit”, “Insert Watermark”, “Batch” process PDF files. When you select the create option, you are given the choice open the file and then process them.

Once you have opened the PDF, you can choose to edit, add pages, extract text, extract images, merge several PDFs and various other editing options.

With Convert you can manage and realise all possible PDF conversions.You can even process/convert multiple files at once using the batch conversion option.



Special Features:

  • Create secure documents, add/edit/remove passwords.
  • 100% editable conversion
  • 300+ applications supported
  • Create Hand Outs for your meetings and product booklets.
  • View and Edit your files at the same place.
  • Convert PDF to Excel. Word, Text, PowerPoint, HTML etc.
  • Re arrange and merge multiple files.
  • Stamp and Watermark your files.
  • Brand all your files with your company name.

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Download Entire YouTube Playlists

Ever felt tired while downloading all major videos from a YouTube playlist, well there are a number of freeware available that will help you to download entire YouTube playlist with the ease of a click. Here we are mentioning a few of them:

Free YouTube Download


This awesome piece of software not only lets you download all videos from a playlist but your have options like – all video from YouTube charts, all video responses to a YouTube video, all videos of a selected YouTube user or a channel, all video from the user favorites. Get it here.
It also lets you convert those videos in standard PC formats like AVI, FLV, MP4, MPEG etc.

Bulk YouTube Downland (a Firefox add-on)


This Firefox add-on is bound to save lots of your time and gain appreciation as you will see how this fantastic little tool will help you download your favorite YouTube videos with a single click. It lets you choose which videos to download by simple checking them on. It displays all videos related somehow to the video that you have selected and then lets you select the ones you need to download. Firefox integration makes it even more easier to download them alongside browsing the net for more. Click here to get it.

Create Multiple Desktops in Windows with nSpaces

When you have too many open applications in your task bar, it sometimes makes it very tasksome to manage all of them simultaneously, the result you fail to complete your task. Here we bring to you a solution that might help you in this regard and focus your attention only to one task at a time.


nSpaces helps you create multiple copies of your desktop so that you can have different apps working in different desktops and focus on a single task at a time. It is a free to use desktop application that you can safely download to your computer and nSpaces_SystemTraycreate multiple desktop spaces. Once you install the application, the nSpaces icon appears in your System Tray from where you can control and manage its working. You can edit the number of spaces, the hotkey and te activation keys. You can even specify a unique label to each of your spaces for easy recognition and switching.

Each of the spaces can open and maintain different apps for doing different work and the apps remain there while you work on some other space. You can change the desktop wallpaper and personalize the view on each of the desktop windows.

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Create Free Posters Online with Posterini

imagePosters are a beautiful way to express anything everything that text and images alone can’t do. They combine text and images to effectively say your voice and designing an attractive poster can be a tedious task, but thanks to Posterini you task is highly simplified.





Just start working by uploading a background picture for your poster and choose other options as you go further. Add your photo, choose a theme and change the text. that literally all what you need to do.imageYou have plenty of designs and themes to choose from and you can add any of them. Along with themes, you may choose to apply a custom filter to to your background image and add edit all the text from the theme and add more text for your image. You can even choose an “Output Magic Theme” which makes your poster publish at a imaginary fun location after you make one. You can now save either a short version of your creation or pay a small amount to download a high definition version. It also provides you an option to share your poster on different social networks.

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Keep Those Precious Moments Forever, Record Your Baby’s “Firsts”

My Baby Star LogoClearly, this post here is for the grown ups, those proud moms and dads out there. Your “Baby’s First” is something you want to cherish forever, like his/her first word, the first walk, all those little stories that you want to keep with you and share with the world. Here we are, with a wonderful web service that lets you do the same in a beautiful and graceful way.

My Baby Star

My Baby Star Sharing OptionsPhysical striges like photo albums or scrapbooks are prone to damage but with online storage you can forget about all the risks. MyBabayStar.com is powerful website that lets you record all the first experiences of your baby in the form a beautiful webpage with utmost ease.

All you have to do is sign up for a account, and start uploading pictures. You have automated suggestions coming like first words, first crawling, first tooth, etc. and you can choose to add detail to any of them. You can even go back in time, when you first heard of pregnancy and were excited if it will be a boy or a girl.

My Baby Star Control PanelYou can add photos and videos and customize your webpage by changing the colors, background, fonts. The privacy of your website completely customizable and you can choose with whom you wish to share these beautiful moments with. Just invite your friends and family via email or just share your page on social networks like facebook and twitter.

Share, Rank and Rate The Movies That You Have Seen With Your Friends

ivewatchedit logoHere’s is a free webs service that helps you sort all the movies that you have ever watched, rate them and then share with your friends. You can create an organized list, rank your favourite movie and publish them on a unique URL. ivewatchedit

To get started, all you need to do is sign up for a new account, and start adding movies to your “IveWatchedIt.com” list. you can search for movies using the keyword search box provided or you can also browse for different movie, sorted according to their genre. Now, after you have added plenty of movies, rank them accordingly. Your top 10 movies are displayed on your public URL.

You can even share your list with your friend on facebook or just tell your friends about your URL.ivewatchedit

The website also offers an exciting feature, Trophies. The trophies are given only after you have watched all of the movies in a certain type. For example, you are awarded with “The Hogwarts Award” after you have watched all the Harry Potter titles.ivewatchedit trophiesivewatchedit.com hogwarts

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Create a Image from Text with BlackText

There are numerous image manipulators an editors available on the internet and one of them is Black Text. This free to use web app enables you to create images using your desired text in seconds. All you need to do is upload an image and enter the text.image

The app is very simple to use and fairly accurate. All you need to do is upload your desired image and enter the text you wish to use in your image. You can write whatever you want, short or long all types of texts are supported by the app.The app covers your uploaded image with the text you entered in a very clean manner. You can also adjust the print size, font size, font type, and paper size. Another options includes the choice to select text and background colors and processing fast or slower for better quality. Once you are satisfied with you result, just click save an download the final image.


Here we tried creating the Windows Logo using “www.chillgeeks.com

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