Google’s Own Music Blog : Magnifier


For all those music lovers and artists, Google has launched its own Music blog, Magnifier. Launched just a few weeks ago, Magnifier is still in a public beta stage. The blog is manually edited where you can view new artists and tracks every day and add them to your “Google” Music Library.

Yes, you read it right, Magnifier is the first look of Google soon to come Music service. The blog promotes unique artists and lets you download licensed music for free. This will surely give you a little taste of the Google Music Service before it is available to everybody. Since the blog is manually edited, you can expect quality music and tracks. Read about the tracks, preview them and add selected to your Google Music library with a single click.

The site is regularly updated and is filled with tips and tricks on how to use the service more efficiently. It houses links to thousands of songs of different origin and genre. Find new songs, listen, download and share them with your friends, that is the hole mantra behind!


Try the free service now, click here.

Create a ScreenCast in One Click with ScreenCastle


is a simple and beautiful web site that lets you record your computer screen right from your web browser without using any external software. The interface is simple, all you need to do is click on the big orange power button on the page, authorize a few settings and tada!, you are now ready to record your screen.


After clicking the orange, you might have to allow Java to run on your machine.ScreenCastle_JavaWarning

You might also want to resize the recording screen size from the Java Pop-Up windows that appears next



Additionally, you can also choose between in case you wish to add audio, via your microphone or not. After this, just let the recorder record and continue your work. When you are done, you have plenty of options to move further. You can preview your screencast or publish it to ScreenCastle’s site, and also, you can get a direct download link to download the video in flv format.You also get embed codes, and thumbnail images of your screencast to share it with the world. There’s currently no limitations of screencast duration, size, or even number of recordings, but videos published on the site that are not viewed for a year may be deleted.

Try now, Click here.

Filmotech – A Free Tool To Manage Your Movie Collection

Filmotech is movie management or catalogue software for all your movie formats.This easy to use software is power packed with lots of interesting features.The software lets you search the movie by a simple search over the Internet and hack all the movie data with utmost ease.



  • Seamlessly uses Internet to find the sought information
  • Dynamic Web publishing (PHP/MySQL) and web editor.
  • Cover Designing and printing in all formats.
  • Printing catalogues and lists.
  • Borrower Management
  • Local database or MySQL integration.
  • Import/Export in XML/CSV/XBMC.
  • Multibase Profiles Management.
  • Export for iOS version : Filmotech for iPhone/iPod Touch and Filmotech HD for iPad.
  • Works on Mac and PC (database compatibility).


Few another core features of the product.

1. Statistics – You can access all kinds of movie statistics, for instance about the average runtime, the popular genres or ratings.

2. Cover Printer – You can create and print custom covers for all movies in your database.

3. Publish – It enables you to post your movie collection over the internet.
You can get Filmotech from here.

Save Any Online File Easily On DropBox


Most of you might already know about Dropbox, the online file web hosting service that lets you save your files on the cloud so that you can access them anytime anywhere.The service is very easy to use extremely helpful in case you need all your files with you all the times.

There might have been times when you tried to save an online file on Dropbox but the slow internet speed had got your wrath. An important point to notice is why should you suffer to transfer an online document which might be an email attachment or a file that you just found Googling, to another online server. With this article we bring to you two major methods to help you save online files and documents to your dropbox account without having to first download them to your PC. We will cot off the roll your internet connection played and help you achieve your work in much lesser time removing the time required to download and then upload the document.

1.  CloudSave

Download this chrome application to save time while uploading online files directly to your DropBox folder.
Click here to install the extension (for Google Chrome)


After the extension has been successfully installed just try and uplaod anyfile to your DropBox account by simply right clicking on the desired file and choosing Cloudsave>Dropbox



2. URL Droplet

URL Droplet is another such service that lets you save online files directly to dropbox. For this to work you need to just visit the URL Droplet website, paste the file link into the box provided and then sign in with your DropBox details.

Allow URLDroplet to access your DropBox account by clicking on Allow on the next screen.

URLDroplet_2tada!, your document will now automatically be synched with your DropBox account saving a lot of your time.


TunnelBear : Free VPN to Get All Those Blocked Websites and Content on Your PC

“Sorry the content is not available in your region”, If you have felt like scratching off your screen after seeing this message on much awaited content website, then read on, we have a beautiful solution for you.

Tunnel BearTunnelBear, a small and simple app that lets you browse all geo based content without any hassles. Just download the software, install and sign up for a free account. The beautiful software is flawless and worked with every website i tested it with. The sign and setup process takes less than 10 minutes and then you are ready to view the content of your choice.


However the service isn’t free but you can double up your trial volume with your twitter username. The ordinary sign up gives you 500MB of free data but using tweeting as per the instruction shall entitle you to 1GB of free data. Also for $4.99 a month, you can buy yourself unlimited data access.

1. Download and Install TunnelBear and the Open the Application.


2. Now create a new and enter your details. (Don’t forget to enter your twiteer username to get 1GB free data every month).


3. Choose the type of account you want to go for.TunnelBear_3

4.Let TunnelBear create your account and setup the connection, please confirm all notification from Windows.


You can choose your location with options of UK or US and turn the app on or off anytime. The app also displays the amount of data left in your account.

For the 1GB free data, you need to simply tweet “I want 1 GB of free data” @tunnelbear. For this you need to provide your twitter username in the sign up form.

Here are our test examples.

  1. Trying to view Vampire Diaries on CWTV.
    And after installing tunnel bear,
  2. Also, I tried it with Pandora Online Radio
    But after installing TunnelBear, I was able to play the radio flawlessly.

Click here to download.

Recognize The Song Being Played With Sounhound

You might have come across a situation when your ears perceive a nice piece of music but your brain refuses to recognize the same, even after running series of online searches the song is nowhere found. Here’s a solution, SoundHound. Available for iphone and android and Ovi, this powerful app searches for songs just by listening a part. The results are amazing, precise and it returns you with a list of available download links as well the song lyrics in most cases. Another feature that this app also has is that it can find a Youtube video on a click of a button.

In addition the app features latest chart busters and current favorites. The app enables you to share the song, bookmark it or even buying is possible for a number of tracks.
Check out more at

Available on the Ovi Store Available on the Android Market Available on the App Store

Watch Indian TV Channels Online For Free !!

TV has always been the all time favorite time pass across all age groups in India. Be it comedy serials, movies, daily soaps or infotainment channels, television is an excellent time pass. We have tried to compile  a list of best free online services available where you can access Indian TV channels and episodes. Earlier we have listed IndiaVibes, India’s first web TV.  Most of the websites here offer latest recorded episodes while a few claim to even stream live content. offers latest recorded daily soaps and serials for various Indian TV Channels. The episodes are available for free download in different high quality formats with alternative download options. Different channels of Star, Zee, NDTV, Viacom18 and other networks are included. is another online free service that provides you with free Television content. The website is updated daily and latest shows are added regularly. Episodes are availaible for downlaod in high quality video formats.

TV channels free

TV Channels Free
TV Channels free is an International website featuring TV content from all over the world. The website contains links to official sources of the respective channels where their episodes can be viewed online.



PopkornMy Popkorn offers National as well as Regional Indian TV serials, updated regularly and available for free download. The serials are well organized in different categories according to the genre of the serial which makes the site a user friendly website. The episodes can viewed online and can also be downloaded.


Peepat Peepat offers free online streaming of a wide variety of Indian TV channels. the channels streams are compiled together from different free sources across the internet so that you can get a rich experience at one place.

Best Mobile Phones of Indian Market

Here’s a mobile phone guide that will help you choose the best of mobile phones available in the market as of today. Be your primary aim be social networking, chatting or business. We bring reviews for phones that suit you the best.

Nokia C3

 Nokia_C3_02This QWERTY phone from Nokia is well designed for SMS and IM users. The keys are slightly raised in bumps that makes it easier to type and navigate between the selection key.

  • It’s preloaded with Ovi chat clients (Yahoo!, Gtalk, MSN and Ovi) that makes it even easier to connect with IM on the go.

The phone is loaded with Ovi store, so that you download and enjoy latest apps from Nokia. On the name of connectivity, it is loaded with bluetooth and WiFi but what we missed is 3G.

  • Market Price: Rs. 5700 – 6000


Nokia C5

Nokia C5

Nokia C5 has a slim, compact  and modern design. It is also very light yet well built with a strong metal back. With a 2.2-inch QVGA display, large comfortable keypad, 3MP camera, it also has 3G HSPA connectivity. the major advantage is with the Symbian 60 Os with which you can multitask and download interesting apps from the Nokia Ovi store. It shall cost you around 7500 bucks.




LG Optimus One

LG Optimus OneOne of the most successful Android mobile phone in India with sturdy looks packed in a sleek chassis crafted out of soft touch plastic with a thin metallic rims and a chrome like bezel. LG has promised Android 2.3 upgrade for it. It has a 3.2 inches capacitive touchscreen with 256K colors. A 3 Mega Pixels Auto Focus Camera makes your pictures even more memorable. The handset is 3G HSDPA 7.2 Mbps enabled and comes with a 2GB memory card and a 600 MHz processor. It costs around Rs 10000.



Spice MI 310

Spice MI  310 The cheapest Android 2.2 mobile in India, Spice MI 310 does not seem to compromise on the basic stuff although being very economically priced. The phone has a 320×480 px 3.15-inch capacitive touchscreen. The Android applications can also be stored onthe extewrnal memory card, so you never have to worry about space anymore. It comes with a 2MP camera and is enabled with 7.2Mbps HSDPA 3G. The phone’s 600MHz processor tops the list when it comes to the price matter. It comes in around Rs. 7300-7500.




Samsung Galaxy 551

Samsung Galaxy 551 This mobile phone by Samsung with Android 2.2 froyo comes in around  Rs 9,000. The phone has advanced feature like Integrated social networking apps, video and image sharing (like Youtube, Picasa, and Gtalk), Google search, and Gmail which make your presence felt at the netosphere. Google Maps with location tracker provides the core navigational tool for On-road presence. The phone comes with a 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen with 256K colors. The phone has an AF 3.2 Mega Pixels Camera. The internal memory is 160 MB and can be extended up to 32 GB.

NetQin – Mobile Guard

Another impressive mobile application that lets you manage your Smartphone like you do your PC.

This application will surely bring your Smartphone on it’s knees. With a single place to watch, install/uninstall, configure, optimize and review you device, this is surely gonna win the hearts.

neqin mobile guard

The interface is clean and simple with features including: neqin

  1. Task monitoring, reviews the active applications.
  2. Network Monitoring, displays the data usage by different sources.
  3. Power Monitoring, shows the battery utilization by different apps.
  4. Software Management, list of various installed applications.
  5. File Management, various files located on the phone and memory device, as well as their properties.


neqin screenshots

Single button optimization lets you reviews your phone performance based on the battery utilization and number of applications running.neqin download

The Network Monitor helps you save costs by keeping an eye on the monthly budget allotted and the counting every bit that your phone is using.

The task manager allows you to get into the running apps and delete unnecessary files and documents.

The power monitor keeps and eye on the battery life. about what is using what and generate tips on improvement.

Try and download from here.

Best Free Video Editing Tools

Although there are numerous video editing application available on the internet (most of them listed here). But most of them aren’t very good, some fail to give the desired output while some fail in providing support. Its true free software are always less than one you pay for but still we bring to you the 5 very best from the rest.1 We have also shared with you some of the best video sharing sites, and here is the list on best free video editing tools available on internet.

Microsoft Movie Maker

Comes bundled with Microsoft Windows XP later, Movie maker is one of the best free movie editing software available. Powerful with drag and drop feature, Movie Maker can be considered the best for windows users. Windows also provided a lot of add-ons and updates for the software


Apple iMovie 2

Comparable to Windows Movie Maker, Apple iMovie for the Mac operating system has many advanced features and add-ons apps.It comes free with a new Mac system and can be purchased separately for use on a different system. One of the best free video editing programs available for Mac users.


Avid FreeDV

Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, Avid FreeDV is powerful tool for video editing that can perform basic video and audio edits. It also features up to two streams of real-time effects. It is slightly hard to use but overall a very powerful software available.


A flexible and high end video editing tool, Wax was first developed as a college project, and has since grown. Wax works for both; home and professional users. It can be used as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in to other video editors. It also features unlimited video and audio tracks.


Zwei-Stein is one of the best video tools available on the web. It has a great and complicate looking digital layout but is powerful enough to edit up to 256 videos and consists of more than 64 visual effects that can be incorporated.