Free Audio Editing Tool

Sometimes in Daily Life we have need of Editing mp3 songs to get them in to iPOD or for use of songs as ring tone in mobile phones. So we have to get some software which is easy to use and can perform various editing operations on audio …

To perform various editing operations I’ve tried many software paid and freeware but I feel that Audacity is best at its work. It is a freeware application developed by various developers of world. It is hosted  by This software includes many functions related to Digital Audio Editing. Various Sound Effects can also be generated through it. These are shown in Screen Shot here-

Platform :- Any
Licencse Type :- FreeWare
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Avi file not Runnig… Here is the solution

If you are having problem with any kind of media file which is not able to play in your computer then you just need to get K – Lite Mega Codec Pack which is a freeware application. It can be used to play any kind of file in any format. If your window media player shows the error “Format Unkown”/ “Unrecognized format”. Go for it .

Click here to get it

Cut Song from Movie

Here I am going to explain that how a song can be extracted from a movie.
The steps required in doing so are very simple and are as follows:-

Step 1

Get Virtual dub freeware (1.5 MB) from here.
Extract the contents of zip file on your desktop, or wherever you like.
Open the file VirtualDub.exe

Step 2

Open the file you want to extract song from. Go to File → Open Video File.
Open the video file you want to edit.
Then set the start and end point of song by choosing appropriate frame as shown

Step 3

Then select Video → Direct Stream Copy

Step 4

Just go to file and save it as an AVI file and you are done…

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