FIFA Live Scores Sites

The world is Goal for the next 30 days and for all those who have enthusiasm for FIFA World Cup, this post will serve their purpose. This article will provide you the list of the top sites that provides minute by minute update of the live matches. So here goes  the list:

Live Score Simple and sober, these are the words that best describe the website. If one just want every minute details, visit this site. Formed in 1988, the site is quite popular among football fans. And apart from football, this site also provide live scores of cricket, hockey and some other games.

Flash Scores Just like the above site, Flash Scores also provide the minute by minute update. The site is very user friendly and is also very popular among the fans. Also it provides scores of games like basketball, rugby and tennis.

Scores Pro Another dedicated sports website, this site provides all the relevant details that a soccer fan requires.Scores Pro deliver soccer live scores and live soccer results for more than 237 national soccer leagues, cups & tournaments from 73 countries & more than 60 International tournaments with halftime results, scorers info, yellow or red cards, soccer goal alerts and other soccer live score data before soccer live results, really fast. Soccer scores / results in soccer live score pages auto refresh each 20 seconds.

Live Soccer TV This also provides you minute by minute update of each match. This site has numerous options to attract the football fan. Unlike others, this is a dedicated site to soccer and because of this, has all the data which others don’t.

FIFA This FIFA world cup, follow your team using The official site, but personally speaking, I don’t like this site. The above sites are far better user friendly and deliver the content as user wants. But again, being the official, the details and the data that this site carries is unmatched.

ESPN The official broadcaster of the world cup, this site has the pictures and videos that are hard to find on others. we grew up watching this channel and the contents don’t disappoint us at all.

Apart from these sites, one can easily visit the news channel sites. These sites actually update themselves using one of the above mentioned sites so they are some late.

So all the football fans, gear yourselves for the feast.

Get Fast Profile Links in Orkut

Orkut is India’s most widely used Social Networking site. I also use to log in to my orkut account daily, but I found interface of orkut is lacking some fast navigation links in it. So, I searched for it, “How to speedily navigate to Someone’s Scrapbook”. And I found amazing Greasemonkey script for it…. You can use this script if you have Firefox web browser with Greasemonkey add-on installed in it. Just follow these steps, to get fast profile links, like shown in Image… Fast Profile

  • Click here to download Firefox Web Browser
  • Click here to install Greasemonkey
  • Click here to get Fast Profile Links userscript

Now, after installing above, when you will open Orkut, you will be getting links like [S A M V].

  • S stands for Scrapbook
  • A stands for Album
  • M stands for Message
  • V stands for Videos

Happy New Year 2009

With the end of 2008 we have many of the memories of Past.Now, we are entering to year 2009. It’s all because of your support we’ve reached more then 80 number of posts. On the Eve of New Year I’ve posted some of New Year’s Greeting card which you can send to your near and dear ones and Express your feelings. I’ve added some of Greeting which you can scrap in your friends Scrapbook using social Networks such as Orkut, MySpace, Face book, Hi5, etc. If you have flashblock installed then, click on flash icon to see E-cards.You can also get more customized greetings from here.

Create Multiple Profiles in FireFox

If you are wondering how to switch between different accounts on same site using Firefox only, then here is its way out. I am explaining the way by which one can switch between various Accounts on Net services such as Orkut, Gmail, Facebook, etc.Various Advantages of having multiple profiles are –

  1. This can be extremely useful if you want to test out extensions more easily.
  2. Create a web development profile.
  3. If you just want to have a clean profile. 
  4. If you want to save system resources.

To make your Firefox use Profile system right click on desktop. Go to “New” => “Shortcut”.

Give the following location in textbox

“C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” -profilemanager

Name the shortcut by clicking Next.

Now, doubleclick the recently made shortcut and now you can create and manage your firefox Profiles.

How to save Photo from Orkut Album

In Earlier times, users of Orkut ( A social Networking Site) were able to copy any photo just by right clicking and Saving it…
But now Orkut has disabled right cilick in orkut’s Photo Album, to overcome this I’ve found a Simple method, which can be done by draging the required photo to address bar and then right clicking and saving it.
You can see the preview of How it happens by Reading More..

Now, Enjoy saving Images in Orkut using this method.

Cool JavaScript Trick

Its an old Orkut trick already which used to stumble upon at Orkut and various forums. you probably would have seen it but its a memorable one.Try this

  •  Go to
  •  Click “images”
  •  Fill in “bikes, flowers, cars” or any other word.
  •  You will get a page with alot of images thumbnailed.
  •  Now delete the URL on the addressbar


  • Copy the script down here, and paste it in your address bar.

javascript:R= 0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI= document.images; DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i

Get scarps in SMS – New orkut feature

Now you can get notifications of scraps in form of SMS and that too from Orkut. This new feature is so called as Orkut SMS. Orkut SMS allows you to stay in touch with your orkut friends using text messages from your mobile phone.
How does orkut SMS work?

1. Register your phone on the orkut website.
2. Send SMS commands from your phone to the appropriate orkut SMS number.

SMS numbers

Brazil: 67588 (Amazônia Celular, Brasil Telecom, Claro, Oi, Telemig Celular, TIM, and Vivo only)

India: Please check the mobile tab on your orkut settings page.
Other countries: Not Available


Messages sent 2 INR (all carriers except MTNL, which is 1 INR)
Notifications received Free up to your monthly limit

This service is Specially for Indian and Brazillian users. Here  is the screenshot which explain how it is done.

For more details about various SMS commands visit here

Convert your Image to Text

Now you can convert your Image to written text and copy to your Profiles in Orkut.
Here is how to do this all

Get Ascgen dotNET by clicking here
Extract the contents of Zip file and Ensure that you have .NET 2 installed in your PC
Run AscGen and load Image and see your Image in Text

Here is its one Example

I ve converted my Anime chracter to Text as shown Here


1) Open any scrapbook.
2) Write [i] in the scrapbook.

7-21-2008 6-06-59 PM

3) Do NOT write anything else in the scrapbook, and submit the scrap.
That’s all.

7-21-2008 6-07-34 PM


U can see a blank scrap posted by me

You can also use [b] tag instead of [i] tag
You can also use this method to post a blank entry in any community forum