Play Prank With Your Friends with Crush Bits

It happen sometimes that we want to fool our friends but we didn’t have any idea how to do that or the idea that we have is not strong enough. Now giving you a tool that will actually make you know all your friends crushes. Yes !!! the hidden things in their hearts will come out to you with a little prank.Crush Bits Now let me explain you in detail what happens. Just register here and the site will give you a link. Just email or scrap or IM or anything that you can to make your friends click on that link. When anyone of your friend has clicked on that link, he/she will be shown a page called love calculator where he/she can write the names of three of his/her crushes and calculate the percentage of his/her love chances with them. As soon as he is over, you will get the email revealing all the names of his/her crushes to you.

When I tried this on my friends, I was shocked. The innocent look like people have such a kind of crushes that you can’t even think of. And in return, see the kind of reactions that they gave after falling in my prank.

Prank Attack





And since the time I have signed in to CrushBits , I have been receiving a number of emails everyday revealing the secrets of all my friends. I hope you will enjoy the prank once you have registered in it.

Blog Catalog gets Stumble Upon Makeover

Seems like Blog Catalog is making itself more productive by releasing a new Stumble-Upon like toolbar. Now whenever you click someone’s blog article, you will notice a toolbar as shown below :

Blog Catalog

With the new toolbar, you can easily get more traffic to your blog by using the features like Share, Comment etc. Blog Catalog is more than just a social community for bloggers, and they are one of the largest blog directories on the internet. Whether you are looking to search blogs, connect with bloggers, learn more about blogging, or promote your own blog, Blog Catalog is for you.

Well Blog Catalog has everything that a blogger needs, you can make frienf=ds there, you can easily create groups there( similar to forums in Orkut ) and make a lot of friends there. Here is the stats of Chill Geeks on Blog Catalog

Friends – 739 (at the time of writing this post)

Blog Rating – 4.8 out of 5

Tons of Groups participation and ownership

To follow Chill Geeks on Blog Catalog, click here

Corel Home Office

We all love Microsoft Office for its easy user interface and the way it looks. Now if all the things that you have in MS Office, if you get in some other suite and that too in affordable price, I am sure you will stick to it. Corel  Home Office is a sleek new office suite for word processing, spreadsheets and presentation projects. Designed for the work you do at home, it features a fresh and simple interface with tabbed toolbars for quick navigation. Corel Home Office is easy to learn and use, compatible with Microsoft Office, and available at a fraction of the price of other leading office software.


Here are some of its main features :

  • Write high-quality letters, résumés, reports and term papers
  • Create spreadsheets, charts and graphs, and balance budgets
  • Make slideshows with photos and charts
  • Open, edit and save Microsoft Office files to easily share work with others
  • Create PDF documents from any application
  • Switch languages at the click of a button


Inspite of all these usage, it still lacks in some features. The files which you have created in MS Office, may not open in Corel.

To download a free trial , click here

To visit the Corel Home Office homepage, click here

Yahoo Gets a Makeover

The all new homepage for Yahoo is set to recapture the loss of its popularity by some of the giants of social networking like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. The new homepage has all the features that will make you stick to it and stay to it so much that you will make the new YAHOO your homepage.

New Yahoo

Here is the list of features that I like the most :

  • Separate tab for all of my favorite sites.
  • Facebook on a separate tab
  • easily configurable my favorites bar
    • All the tabs like horoscope, movies, autos just at the pointer of the mouse

It is still in Beta phase so you can expect some further improvements also. Although the site has gone through enormous changes the retooled page will be introduced in the United Kingdom, India and France later this week. It will roll out to the rest of the world during the next year, with the option to retain the old design starting to phase out this fall.

To visit the new YAHOO click here

To visit the old Yahoo click here

Beware : Mumbai Police is Keeping an Eye on You

Cyber CrimeFor all those who live in Mumbai and suburbs, this is a shocking news that Mumbai Police Cyber Cell is keeping a close eye on them.All those people who download free songs from a few bunch of sites, it’s high time that they stop doing these kind of activities.Googling the name of the song and downloading it and then burning them to CD’s and DVD’s and selling them in the market is considered as a crime.  Downloading songs is considered as unethical and Mumbai’s Cyber Cell is going to block some of the sites that include Rapidshare and some other forums.

According to the news by NDTV INDIA, although those who will be caught will not be given any punishment, but one must be beware following the awareness in Mumbai Police regarding Cyber Laws in the Mumbai.

Get more productive by taking voice notes

I am addicted to web surfing, and its often that I need to take some notes. So, till now I generally used Google Notebook or Vista Sidebar gadget for taking my online notes. But now I’ve came to know another in built feature of Windows Vista, which is known as Sticky Notes. This application allows taking notes using a Tablet PC or Digital Pen. This application is also having a feature of voice recording. From this application, I got an idea of taking voice notes.You can also check out another previously mentioned in built feature of Windows Vista Performance and Reliability.

So, now to make my life more productive I started using Windows Recorder to take important notes, Online or Offline. Now, when I switch on my Dell Studio 15 laptop, Sound Recorder is set to auto start, when windows boots up. It is having an Integrated Webcam and Microphone Array, which makes it easier to take voice notes. You can open sound recorder by clicking on start menu and typing Sound Recorder.Recoder

You can save your voice notes in either wma or wav format. I prefer you to save in wma format as, this will require less space for same duration of recording.

There can be many views regarding this productivity tip. Please share your views about it in comments sections. You are also invited to suggest any other Productivity measure which can save your time and improve the performance.

Ease Your Blogging With Blogo

With Live Writer doing the things simple for Windows, Blogo does this for Mac. The first thing which you will notice after installing Blogo is its simple and attractive design.Blogo

The application makes posting text, images and multimedia content from the web easy for users with no knowledge of HTML.
Blogo’s strong points include a rich text editor with support for drag and drop of almost any image format and an HTML source view for manual adjustments, an automatically generated preview template which shows the user exactly how his post will appear when published, a fullscreen editing mode and support for comment moderation with the new WordPress comments API. Many more features.

Not only wordpress, it supports all types of blogging platforms. Blogger, Typepad, Typo, Drupal, Expression Engine, Twitter, and more

But the annoying feature is tat it is not free !!!!

Anyhow just download a 21 day trial from here

My New Blogging Tool

 lighten the dell badge.Well, after waiting for 6 days eagerly, today I’ve got my Dell Studio 15.
So, lets start with configuration, which I’ve bought-

  • Processor     – Core 2 duo 2.1 GHz
  • Hard Disk     -  500 GB
  • Disk Drive     -  Blue Ray Drive
  • RAM               -  4 GB DDR2
  • Graphic Memory – 512 MB dedicated memory ATI Graphics Card
  • Integrated Bluetooth, Webcam and Wi-Fi

After analysis of two months I was able to decide to go with Dell Studio Laptop, coz I think that it will give me the best performance at cheapest rates. The first thing I did, when I received Dell Studio 1555 was, to check my laptops rating using Windows Vista Home Premium, and it gave a score of 4.9, and which is great for me, never seen such a score ever before.

I am most excited about running a blue ray disc of 25 GB capacity on my laptop, it would be amazing. Here, I want to give a short review which I find on first lookblue ray

  • Pros
    Best Performing laptop, I’ve ever seen…
    Slot load disc drive.
    Amazing body finish.
    Power button is amazingly located on lid of laptop. 
    Got all the installation CDs and DVDs, including Windows Vista DVD
    Light in weight, produces less heat
    Comes with HDMI port
  • Cons
    Does not have a Remote control and Infrared port.
    Relatively low volume, then expected…
    No hard disk loading/ processing indicator LED

Well this was my first look to my laptop. I’ll be testing it for next few days, and will also post some tips and tricks to improve laptop performance and getting your laptop prevented from theft.

ATM Scam Alert – Be Aware

We all must be using ATM’s for our day to day transactions. But do we ever thought that how much, its security costs…. I’ve was browsing through internet and found something very interesting, regarding security at ATM. ATMs can be used to steal all your account information including money, its very easy to do an online transaction, with an ATM if one is able to know ATM card no., expiry date and 4 digit PIN code.

University of Texas at Austin (Police Department) has posted one ATM Scam alert, which I would like to share with you…. To read full article visit

Check out below, what photos says…


ATM Machine

Hidden CameraDisplay

Facebook Providing Usernames

facebook From Saturday, June 13th, you will be getting a unique usernames just like other sites such as LinkedIn. This will help others to find you easily on Google or other search engines. Earlier the profile is identified by the unique number that it has at the end of the url of the pages you visit. The URL was just a randomly assigned number like "id=592952074." That soon will change. When your friends, family members or co-workers visit your profile or Pages on Facebook, they will be able to enter your username as part of the URL in their browser. This way people will have an easy-to-remember way to find you.facebook username



Facebook usernames will be available in basic text forms, and you can only choose a single username for your profile and for each of the Pages that you administer. Your username must be at least five characters in length and only include alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9), or a period or full stop ("."). While usernames are currently available only for Romanized text, we’re looking at how we might support non-Romanized characters in the future.
Think carefully about the username you choose. Once it’s been selected, you won’t be able to change or transfer it. If you signed up for a Facebook Page after May 31 or a user profile after today at 3 p.m. EDT, you may not be able to sign up for a username immediately because of steps we’ve taken to prevent abuse or "squatting" on names.