Free Invoice Software

ZOHO Invoice is a Free Invoice Software that makes invoice creation hassle free and helps you save time and effort. This one of its kind software helps you to track payments, accept payments online, create your own templates and much more. Here’s a look at some of its features :

  • Invoices Via Snail Mail

By using the first class mail service from USPS, you can make use of the snail mail facility. Benefits : Helps you save time on printing, pasting and posting. All this is done by the software.

  • Invoice Tracking & Payments

With various sorting options like Due Date, Amount, Status etc. you can narrow down the tracking and apply the appropriate action. Also, you can automate the process of acknowledgement and thank you emails.

  • Customize Your Invoice Template

You can switch from the ordinary and old fashioned invoice templates to the custom made invoices. The ready made templates at ZOHO are also classy and you can also select from them.

  • Android and iOS Application

ZOHO gives you the facility of going mobile. With Android and iOS apps, the invoicing has became much easier. You can download the ZOHO Android app from here and iOS app from here.

  • Analytics

With the dashboard reporting, you can gain critical insights. Various reports can be generated that helps you to take managerial decisions.

The best part is, there is no long term fees. You can stop the services whenever you want to, no contracts. Sign Up for ZOHO today.

Get rid of routine: online collaborative work management software

This article will be helpful to those who don’t know yet that business software can make our daily work a much happier place. The examples of online work management software we took when preparing this article can be found at and the screenshots are taken from Comindware Tracker. The main obstacles that we have at work every day are the following:

1. Too many emails

2. Too many things must be done right now

3. Impossible to figure out what to start with

4. You spend more time on guessing what to do rather than work

This is not normal. This is what is called ‘working under pressure’ and this pressure can be as much as to make you start thinking of leaving the job at all and start looking for a better place to live. But with the new job the same deadly loop of chaos can repeat if you don’t try to face it and kill the beast.

There are three main things that can help you to solve the problem:

1. Personal time management

2. Setting clear priorities for tasks

3. Strong planning

4. Online collaborative work management software

The first three points are rather obvious while the fourth one was a kind of revelation to me. What exactly online collaborative work management software does? Let’s take a closer look how it solves the 4 problems that are killing your time.

Too many emails

The word ‘online’ means that you enter it the same way you log into facebook, for example. You and each member of your team have access to an online account dedicated to your project. The account has all the data about the project, tasks, reports, and some kind of engine for process automation. You can access it from mobile or desktop browser with your credentials. Basically, this means that you can work from any part of the world, not only from your office. It’s also possible to share the project information with your clients and customers. All of the project data stored in one place means that you don’t need to gather it from different emails. We suggest to install the on-premise Comindware Tracker trial on internal company server so that it’s always online and accessible. If it works well for you, you can think of purchasing a cloud instance.

workspaces for different departments in Comindware Tracker


Too many things must be done right now

The problem can be solved by hiring a manager who will take care of task priorities and deadlines. The only disadvantage of this solution is that it is not cheap. Online collaborative work management software provides each employee with a personal automated report and list of tasks with deadlines and priorities. The team leader can see them online in live mode and thus spread work duties more wisely, taking advantage of the visibility she gets from the online collaborative solution.

Personal report in Comindware Tracker


Impossible to figure out what to start with

This problem is very common: searching for the right email, the right file, thinking of which task should be done first, then second. It may take you all your morning trying to make a list of tasks. Work management software creates an online list of tasks and thus circles the amount of work you need to do. Usually, your morning starts from checking your email. With online solution for work management you come to work, log in into your account and see the list of things to do, with priorities and deadlines. You can start from the top of the list and just work.

 Manageable task list in Comindware Tracker


You spend more time on guessing what to do rather than work

Your online list of tasks solves this problem. You can set email notifications for new tasks, discuss work items with colleagues online, attach files and reassign tasks. This helps to build stronger team work and gives you more time to finish your work. Because you’re not guessing or searching for the information you need. You just work. With workflow automation engine built into the solution, you don’t need to think of what to do next with your working item: after you finish your part of the work and hit the ‘complete’ button, the work item goes to the next assignee, she sees it in her online task list, and starts to work on it.

Automate Your Business with the Comindware Tracker

ChillGeeks What’s the secret of success of all the major companies ? It is the ability of their management to use their resources completely and efficiently. The management has to manage all the tasks and issues well enough to be able to take a lead in the market. I was searching for a project management  software that would help me to achieve this and I found probably the best software available, the Comindware Tracker


Why Automate ? We need automation because it is  more efficient than manual work as there will be less errors, less time consuming and gives the output with more accuracy. The Comindware Tracker deals with a lot of issues any company generally faces with on the daily basis: requests for quotations from customers, claims for refund, sometimes bugs, help desk tickets  for the customer support etc. The Comindware Tracker is an online business automation software solution that is, it automates the the ongoing processes,  and it is designed for a wide range of organizations like Consultancies, Manufacturing, Construction etc and dramatically improves their productivity by automation.


The tracker system is very user friendly . One doesn’t to be an expert in this field as the software comes with minimal formalization and customization required on the run,  as opposed to the traditional software which come with little or no customization facility. Also, the Comindware Tracker will come with Project Management Templates for contact center, HR, software development and office management teams. So, for the price of one software title one can now create individual workspaces for different departments, such as Sales, Marketing, HR, Legal, Finance, IT, Helpdesk, and more; create security rules, and use an appropriate template to get started.


I am in online business, but at the moment I don’t require various departments in the software like the HR, Finance etc. But yes, I would definitely like to automate my business process to some extent as it will make me more competitive . Also, I would like to invest in a software that will allow me to customize and add various departments in a later stage. And for this reason, Comindware Software helps a lot.


An example of how this software will help to automate the HR process is shown below. This is a graphical interpretation of what the tracker system will actually do.


HR Solution Screenshot


In traditional companies, a vacancy is posted, then there is waiting time for the candidates which is followed by the interview and then a final selection is made. The tracker automates the whole process. Based on the predefined traits, the candidate is chosen and this is all done automatically.


The software is also responsible for managing the team work which the key to success and automates all the business operations.Some of the features and benefits of The Comindware Tracker are listed below:

  • Flexibility
    Flexibility With the graphical interface and with the innovative Semantic Data Storage technology,  one can start managing the process in minutes. The drag and drop feature is an unique feature which adds more value to this software.
  • Comindware Office Management Software
    Comindware Office Management Solution allows us to streamline a number of day-to-day office management activities and make them more transparent, efficient and stable. If you already use any office management software, you can use Comindware Office Management Solution to add valuable features to that software. The solution can be used without any additional office management software and provide with the whole set of office management tools.
  • Task management
    Task Management Another unique feature of the tracker software is that it efficiently manages tasks through the pre-integrated Comindware Task Management: discussions, time logging, prioritization etc. Also, it automatically generates tasks during workflow transitions  from one state to another and appropriately assigns them for execution
  • Integration with MS Office Outlook
    Integration with Outlook With the integration of MS Outlook, the tracker enables us to use the system via Outlook.
  • Any area automation
    Any Area AutomationAny area of the organization such as HR, Customer Service, Product Development, Accounting, Support, IT, Marketing, etc.can be automated with just a single online issue tracking application using team Workspaces. And we can also set security roles and customize other settings for each individual Workspace.
  • Process, project and issue tracking and management
    With just a single tracker application, one can manage different functional areas by separating the departments. And we don’t need to pay twice.

To read more about the benefits and features, click here.

What the tracker can do for me ? It can manage the various projects simultaneously for me. It can provide me solutions to various problems like the HR example given above. And it can provide the results more quickly.

Who are the ones that should use this software:


  • Project Managers – They are going to love this software.
  • Companies that receive a lot of customer queries.
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Operations Management & Business Automation people.
  • Students like me


Our team at ChillGeeks gives this upcoming software a thumbs up  and recommend it to all Project Managers.

The Rejuvenated AceProject

We had posted an article on the AceProject earlier. Now AceProject has come up with a new version with a new interface and added features. The new features have enormously added to the already good services of AceProject. It has made the work of project managers very easy. Some of the new features are :-


  • Multi-project tabs that let you open as many projects as you want.
  • A global search box that lets you search among all tasks you are allowed to see.
  • A search box at the project level that lets you search tasks within a specific project.
  • A side bar in edit forms.
  • Sections in edit forms and search filters can be shown/hidden in accordance with your needs.
  • “Remember filters” option in task lists and easier-to-find actions.
  • Enhanced overall speed and more functional screens.
  • And much more…

Ace ProjectAce Project Screenshot

Ace Project Interface



The AceProject team has done an excellent job to develop the new version, which makes the work of project managers a lot easier and more efficient. It also provides a proficient way to manage documents and tasks. But the biggest advantage of using this software is that it greatly reduces costs and expenses in the project as every step can be carefully planned and executed due to the added features and the timesheet function.

Apart from these, their mobile version is one of its kind because of its awesome performance and multi-browser compatibility. You can also try free project management for the demo version.

Overall, the new features have added to the value of an already good package and are getting great reviews from the customers.