Bypass 140 Character Limit in Twitter

Twitter is an awesome tool which increases your site reader but one thing which I don’t like about Twitter is that it has a 140 characters limit. So using this loop-hole of Twitter another site called PageTweet , will help you out to bypass 140 character limit. What it actually does is make you enter your message along with your url and nickname and then gives you a short url for that message. You can actually add the shortened url in your Twitter feed along with some another message.

How is this different from other url shortening services?
After reading the above lines, this would be the first question that generates in your mind. The url shortening services may help you to shorten your url but the url which this site will provides will make your viewers to your targeted site, which now has a PageTweet bar along the top that displays the message that you have typed in PageTweet site. It also shows a mini hit-counter for your shortened URL. Below is the example how this happens.


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