Create Fake SIRI Conversation Screenshots

If you want to amuse your friends with this fake SIRI conversations then read along. Here is an exciting little website that enables you to create screenshots of your conversation with the amazing new Iphone 4S SIRI. Fake SIRI Conversation

To begin with, point your web browser here. Now all you have to do is enter the desired conversation, that you wish to fake in the specified format.
Fake SIRI screenshot

That is all you need to do. iFakeSiri creates realistic conversation screenshots with the text that you have entered. And you don’t even need

Download Entire YouTube Playlists

Ever felt tired while downloading all major videos from a YouTube playlist, well there are a number of freeware available that will help you to download entire YouTube playlist with the ease of a click. Here we are mentioning a few of them:

Free YouTube Download


This awesome piece of software not only lets you download all videos from a playlist but your have options like – all video from YouTube charts, all video responses to a YouTube video, all videos of a selected YouTube user or a channel, all video from the user favorites. Get it here.
It also lets you convert those videos in standard PC formats like AVI, FLV, MP4, MPEG etc.

Bulk YouTube Downland (a Firefox add-on)


This Firefox add-on is bound to save lots of your time and gain appreciation as you will see how this fantastic little tool will help you download your favorite YouTube videos with a single click. It lets you choose which videos to download by simple checking them on. It displays all videos related somehow to the video that you have selected and then lets you select the ones you need to download. Firefox integration makes it even more easier to download them alongside browsing the net for more. Click here to get it.

Create Multiple Desktops in Windows with nSpaces

When you have too many open applications in your task bar, it sometimes makes it very tasksome to manage all of them simultaneously, the result you fail to complete your task. Here we bring to you a solution that might help you in this regard and focus your attention only to one task at a time.


nSpaces helps you create multiple copies of your desktop so that you can have different apps working in different desktops and focus on a single task at a time. It is a free to use desktop application that you can safely download to your computer and nSpaces_SystemTraycreate multiple desktop spaces. Once you install the application, the nSpaces icon appears in your System Tray from where you can control and manage its working. You can edit the number of spaces, the hotkey and te activation keys. You can even specify a unique label to each of your spaces for easy recognition and switching.

Each of the spaces can open and maintain different apps for doing different work and the apps remain there while you work on some other space. You can change the desktop wallpaper and personalize the view on each of the desktop windows.

Try it now, download here.

Plan and Divide Work Among Friends With ToDoFeed

It is always wide to divide the work equally among all participants while you do a job or plan a leisure. Wouldn’t it be fairly easy if everyone gets to plan and choose what he/she does and like wise divide responsibilities and tell everyone at the same time. Here’s when ToDoFeed can be helpful.


For example, when you wish to plan an event, you need divide and assign the tasks of publicity, design, content, management, permissions etc. with all your friends/members or when you are to plan a weekend trip then you have loads of work to be divided among. With ToDoFeed, you can join in with your friends in your planning. All you need to do is signup for an account, create a task and add duties. You can connect and invite your friends via email or Facebook and let them do their part.

After your friends accepts your invite to join your task, he/she can himself choose what they want to do or you can assign them something on your own. At the same time, everyone else participating gets to see what others are doing.

A great service to try, Click here.

Track Your Spendings and Save More With GrndCtrl

imageThere are times when you calculate how long it would take you to buy a certain desire or go for a holiday, but going undertaking all your expenses, savings and earnings manually can be a tedious job. So here we are with a solution that will help you solve your problems by doing all the math for you.


Grndctrl is a free to use web application that undertakes all your expenses and earnings and lets you add your rewards to your wish lists. It helps you find the time period required for you you buy and for a certain thing. All you need to do is enter details for your monthly earnings from various sources and regular and miscellaneous expenses. Then add your rewards that is all the items that you wish to buy and GrndCtrl performs the rest for you. You can also add your savings with the monthly interest you get and deduct a certain percentage of tax from your income.

The app generates pie charts and graphs for your savings and your expenditures, It precisely calculates the number if years, months and days before you can buy your reward.



At the bottom of the page, you can see the calculated time for your rewards.

Try Now, Click here.

Verbling: Learn New Languages From Their Native Speakers

imageFor those you who ever tried to learn a new foreign language might probably know how difficult it is to get your hands clear on that. But  how about getting that from a native speaker, someone who is fluent in that and that too for free.


Verbling is a a free to use web service that connects you to someone that might help you. This is how it works, you need to sign up for the service and add the languages that you speak natively and the ones that you wish to learn. After you have done this much, just sit back wait for the bell to ring, indicating that someone of your interest came up. The site now connects you with the another user trying to learn your native language, speaking the one you wish to learn. And now, you two can go ahead and chat. However it defines 5 minutes of speaking time for each of you but you can manage that on your own.

You can learn pronunciations, expressions, words and other pieces of the new language.

Try it Now, Click here.

How To Use Your WebCam as a Security Camera With Cammster

imageA full fledged security system might cost you thousands of bucks, how about using your computer’s webcam as an efficient security measure. Here is a free to use web service that lets you use your webcam as a security camera that monitors all action in display.

Cammster allows you to record all action in front of your webcam and notifies you of any unusual activity via email. All you need to do is just open the webpage, allow for a few permissions and tada!, Cammster is your new security guard. image

It detects unusual activity in front of your webcam and notifies you via email if that is the case. Also, it keeps a record of all unusual activities for up to 200 events. However, since the service works online, you need to keep your computer on all the time, and your culprit might notice the same and deactivate the service. You can even adjust the detector sensitivity for better efficiency.

Try it Now, Click here.

The Usenet – The Alternative to WWW

image According to Wikipedia, “Usenet is a worldwide distributed Internet discussion system”. In today’s world when the internet is no more a reliable source of information and no options to validate the authenticity of the information provided, UseNet or User Networks tend to be an efficient method to share and discuss about the information you really care about. The Usenet is a worldwide exchange network where you can discuss your part of information and share media with people of common interests. However, an Internet connection is required to access the UseNet.

With time, UseNet has become very easy to use since there are plenty of providers available with excellent services trying to secure the custom of users by offering simple and convenient access. There are numerous web services and software(s), which simplifies the task of searching and downloading files from UseNet. Here with this post we will talk about a few of them.


image Probably the largest, oldest and best UseNet provider, UseNeXT is a free software available in 9 languages. UseNeXT with its international placement has 8 server farms worldwide. It provides a 24hr telephone and Internet support and is encrypted with 256bit SSL encryption.


image Binverse is a new but a very popular English UseNet provider. The service is available worldwide, however it only supports a 24hr telephone support in the United States. It features Unlimited Download Speed, Unlimited Download Volumes and 910 day binary retention. Binverse comes with a free newsreader software

image This Dutch looking service is among the best UseNet providers available in the market. The software is available in 3 languages German, French and English. It features upto100 MBit/s download, 600days retention time, SSL encryption and a 24hr support.


You can have a look at this provider comparison to choose the right provider for you.

Create a Image from Text with BlackText

There are numerous image manipulators an editors available on the internet and one of them is Black Text. This free to use web app enables you to create images using your desired text in seconds. All you need to do is upload an image and enter the text.image

The app is very simple to use and fairly accurate. All you need to do is upload your desired image and enter the text you wish to use in your image. You can write whatever you want, short or long all types of texts are supported by the app.The app covers your uploaded image with the text you entered in a very clean manner. You can also adjust the print size, font size, font type, and paper size. Another options includes the choice to select text and background colors and processing fast or slower for better quality. Once you are satisfied with you result, just click save an download the final image.


Here we tried creating the Windows Logo using “

Try it now, Click here.

Share Any File Online Easily With


If you share files often with your network and were searching for alternatives with lesser spam and easier interface, then is probably one of the best methods available today.
It gives you drag and drop interface to share files. Since you need to register before you can share any file, it gives certain assurance of lesser spam.
With the motto, “share simply”, the site indeed gives you the option to simply share your documents, photos and videos in seconds.

Getting Started
To get started, you need to setup a user account on the website

Just choose a username and enter your email to start sharing.?
After Sign Up, share your first file, just drag and drop!


And believe, it all happens in seconds.Minus_uploading
The file once uploaded, gives you the link for sharing.
Minus_StatusFor image sharing, it gives gallery link, image link, forum code, HTML code, direct link and thumbnail link, while for video sharing it gives embed code, URL of video and download option.
However, it doesn’t works with files more than 10MB in size.–Official Tutorial