Keep An Eye On Your Tweets

You are running a site and you want to know all those people who are linking to your site and are constantly tweeting your website. With BackTweets you can easily monitor all those who are linking to your site. How can these be helpful to you ?


Well here are the answers :

  • Connect With Your Fans: Now if you know who are the ones who are tweeting your posts, you can easily start building a relations with them. Connecting with your fans is the most important step i the success of your site.
  • Monitor Your Posts : You can easily monitor your posts and optimize them. If you know all the hit topics of your site, then you should start concentrating on that particular topic theme.
  • Ability To Search Keywords : With an ability to search for keywords, one can easily see if the topic that he is going to post is already tweeted or not.

BackTweets is developed by BackType which is a conversational search engine and index and connect millions of conversations from blogs, social networks and other social media so people can find, follow and share comments. BackType was founded in June, 2008 by Christopher Golda and Michael Montano.

Make Windows Translucent

You can make your program windows transparent in Windows 2000 or late versions, using a very lite freeware known as Glass2k. Transparent windows are helpful to me and gives a good geeky appearance to Windows Desktop.glass2k properties You can download glass2k from here, it does not need to be installed, you can simply double click to start it, whenever you’ll right click on any window, it will ask you to set its transparency. It is very easy to use software and it is also having a feature to set any windows on top, according to your choice.

Productivity Tip:- You can use glass2k in way to increase your productivity, as it will prevent you switching between windows, and you can do two works at time, like I keep browsing my computer by making explorer windows transparent and watching through my e-mail account. You can check out the screenshot below-


Transparent Window Example

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Disable Error Reporting in Windows Vista

I do not like error reporting service of Windows Vista, which shows for send error report, closing the program and debugging the program.Well, its very obvious that when error has come up in any program, then we have no other choice to close it. I’ve tried submitting the error reports thousand times, but nothing happened, and it still shows that errors. As, I am not a programmer so, debugging any program is not my job. The only alternative left to me is disabling the useless error reporting window.

If you are also upset with this feature of windows vista, and want to disable it, just follow these instructions-

  • Open Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key + R
  • Type and open wercon.exewercon
  • Click Change Settings on left pane.
    change settings
  • Then click advanced settings.
    Advance Settings
  • Turn off error reporting, for your self or for all users according to your choice.
    Save Settings

Other way to disable error reporting is, using services console-

  • Open services console by opening services.msc from Run dialog.
  • Find Windows Error Reporting Service in the list.
  • Right click to stop that service, instantaneously.
  • To disable error reporting service, double click Windows Error Reporting Service, and click on stop.

Error Reporting

Securing Wi-Fi Connection at Home

wirelessI’ve recently bought  new laptop, and created partitions on its hard disk. Now, I’ve got Wi-Fi modem installed in my home. So, to prevent from my neighbours or some outsiders sharing connection, I need to secure it…

I am using BSNL broadband connection, in PPPOE mode, which makes the connection more unsecure, as password is saved inside modem itself. So, I’ve found a way to secure my Wireless connection using WEP security key.

WEP security can be setup by following these steps-

Modem / Router Settings

  • Visit and give Username: admin Password : admin
  • Now click on Security Tab, then click in Security
  • Chose your SSID and click Enable WEP Encryption, and chose encryption strength as 128 bit or stronger
  • Set the network key, which will be used as password to access wireless connection.
  • Save and Apply the settings

Windows Settings

  • Now, you’ve to do similar settings in your Wi-Fi access device too.
  • For setting in Windows Vista, double click the Networking Icon in taskbar.
  • Your security enabled network SSID will be listed there, right click that network, and select properties.
  • Now, give the same WEP key , which you earlier gave in setting up of modem

And you are done, with setting up of your modem for secure Wireless connection. For more details, you can see the video posted below

Get Fast Profile Links in Orkut

Orkut is India’s most widely used Social Networking site. I also use to log in to my orkut account daily, but I found interface of orkut is lacking some fast navigation links in it. So, I searched for it, “How to speedily navigate to Someone’s Scrapbook”. And I found amazing Greasemonkey script for it…. You can use this script if you have Firefox web browser with Greasemonkey add-on installed in it. Just follow these steps, to get fast profile links, like shown in Image… Fast Profile

  • Click here to download Firefox Web Browser
  • Click here to install Greasemonkey
  • Click here to get Fast Profile Links userscript

Now, after installing above, when you will open Orkut, you will be getting links like [S A M V].

  • S stands for Scrapbook
  • A stands for Album
  • M stands for Message
  • V stands for Videos

Organize your Desktop in 2 Minutes

I have not re-formatted my PC since last month and it is becoming amazingly messed by large amount of desktop. Some of you might have same problem, like me…. But today I’ve got the time to Organize all that Desktop mess, and I found it very easy to implement. It took just 2 minutes to Organize my desktop in much better way. Let me guide you through the process of organizing your Windows Desktop. Just follow the following steps-

  • Identify the type, categories in which you can divide your desktop.In my case, I’ve divided my desktop mess as Images, Applications, Games, and others.
  • Create new blank folders on desktop, and name them as categories of your choices.
  • Now just start sorting out files by type and move them into various folders according to their categories.Messed Desktop
  • Right click on Taskbar and go to Toolbars, click New Toolbar. This will open folder browsing menu. Select your categories folder, and add them on your taskbar, one by one.
  • Now, select the categories folder, and mark them as hidden, to make desktop more cleaner.
  • To make it more cleaner than ever you can also remove the recycle bin.

Now your desktop must look much cleaner than before… and something like as shown below.

Organized Desktop

Everything is under categorized menu. I’ve added my video of cleaning up my desktop mess. Check it out below-

Delete Recycle Bin from Windows Desktop

I do not use Recycle Bin at all, I use to delete files permanently by using shortcut Shift + Delete.Run So, Recycle Bin is just a kind of Desktop mess to me… If you are also the one who do not use Recycle bin and want to clear it out, the just follow the following steps to remove Recycle bin.

  • Press Windows Key + R.  This will open Windows Run Dialog box.
  • Write in regedit and press enter.
  • Navigate to following key-
  • Find and delete the following key in Namespace folder
    Remove Recycle Bin

And…You are done, with deleting of Recycle Bin from Windows Desktop. Now, if you want to restore it back, then, just create a new key of the same name, you deleted earlier. Its very easy… Just give it a try… Try deleting your recycle bin, and be a starStar in your friends.
Other Windows Related hacks

Orca Browser-Simple, Safe, Fast

orcalogo Days are gone when people rely on Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Today people want something new, something safe at which they can rely upon and something fast.
 ORCA Browser is yet another powerful browser which is based on the patterns of Mozilla Firefox but far more better than Firefox. Not only does Orca Browser contains all the features, such as security, low memory usage, spell-checker, built-in download manager, etc. from a typical Gecko based browser, it also improves the speed, adds built-in features like an AD Blocker, Flash Blocker, Online Profile Storage, auto Form-Filler, and a Outlook-Style RSS Reader. The auto Form-Filler helps to memorize or fill different types of web forms and passwords. It can also protect them with a master security password. Online Profile Storage allows users to create their own account. With their username and password, users can choose to save or access their personal data such as bookmarks, Auto Fills, and RSS feeds remotely from any computer.

Orca Preview
Here is the list of extensions that work with Orca Browser

Play Games in Google Talk

Google Talk service by Google is still running in beta phase, and now they’ve released Google talk real-time gadgets API. This API comes with some cool examples, like playing games and language translation, realtime gadget If you are a developer, you can also contribute to this API by visiting here. I like playing chess and I found it there on Google talk real-time gadgets API, and that was amazing….Now, I play chesschess with my friends on Google Talk.

If you also want to play chess or the rock-paper-scissors game, then just follow these steps-

That’s it!!, Isn’t it very easy to do…. You can leave your feed back to this API over here.

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Disable Annoying Windows Error Reporting

error-report Windows error reporting is made to support Microsoft to improve the bugs found in OS, but sometimes this error reporting causes annoyance. This problem I was facing for last so many days…, getting error report message whenever I exit from my favorite DOS based game Dave. It also happens with some soft wares too…. So, I got to remove this and used my ultimate tool “Google Search”Happy

I found that there are two methods of removing the Annoyance caused by error reporting, the one is Registry Editing Based (Advanced Method), and other is Non Registry based (Easy Method). I’ll explain the easy method first-

  • Right click on My Computer Icon on desktop. properties-page
  • Click Properties.
  • Click on Advanced Tab in System Properties page.
  • Then click on Error Reporting.
  • Select Disable Error Reporting to Disable it
  • Do not select notify for critical errors if you do not want to see error reporting message, ever again…

Other method of getting rid of this Windows Error Reporting is use of Windows Registries directly, I’ve made a registry file, which when added to registry, will disable Error Reporting in Microsoft Windows XP, click here to download the registry file (ErrorReporting.reg).

Just double-click ErrorReporting.reg and click on yes to merge the registry information, and you will be free from Windows Error Reporting message.



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