Dominate the Web with the Right Domain

In today’s modern era, it’s all about technology. As a business owner, you need to tap into the potential of the Internet in order to expand your prospects. You’ll be able to reach more customers on a global level when you make your presence known on the web. It all begins with domain registration .ca. Add a great website and website hosting to the package and watch your company take off.

Grow in Leaps and Bounds
Gone are the days when you only relied on brick and mortar business. In a fierce economy, you need to snag your customers any way possible. You want to grab their attention from the start and bring them back for more. Better yet, if your consumers start spreading the word about your business, even more interaction will come your way. With a catchy domain that is all your own and a first class website, you can make a big impression from the start. Choose a company that can help you get results. You might need a little help to give your website an edge over the competition. When you work with a company that specializes in web design and domain creation, your life will become much easier. See what the web can do for you. It’s time to make a splash and all it takes is choosing the right domain, getting your site up and running, and you’ll start to move up in the search rankings. Customers will be looking for you.

Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage is an all in one business tool which helps business owners to attract more and more customers. It comes with many features likepl

  • Auto-responder
  • Lead capture page
  • Video Mailing
  • Online Conferencing
  • Training Videos

All these features come at a very cheap price, and not only this, you will also get an affiliate program, which pays you for your every referral to a customer. To get more information about it, visit this website – PureLeverage

Create On Demand Streaming with Media Server

When it comes to streaming media server, I cannot afford to have anything less than a fully guaranteed uptime; my business depends on it. As a matter of fact, the types of clients that I deal with do not even like to deal with video that is less than HD, not to mention the incredible nuisance that occurs when the audio drops out or becomes de-synchronized from the video feed. When I need streaming video and audio that I can depend on, I always make sure to call Wowza Media Server. The Wowza Media Server is the streaming media solution that I use when I absolutely have to have everything work perfectly. No matter what I am streaming or where I am streaming it to, the Wowza Media Server is the solution for me. There are very few media solutions that give the same type of performance for both desktop and mobile platforms, but the Wowza Media Server is one that can get the job done. The technology is also completely scalable so that it does not matter how many users you have on the same call – you still get the same pristine performance. I can highly recommend the Wowza Media Server for small and mid sized businesses.

OLX – The Online Marketplace

For the past few days I was looking for laptops and computers to buy at cheapest possible rates, preferably a second hand ones. So that I could get a better configuration in less price. So, I started searching for a few websites which can provide me a solution while sitting comfortably at home. Then, one of my friend told me that you really don’t have to go and look out in market or ask every other person you meet for this there are websites for this, he suggested me with an example a website “” said yaha kuch bhi bikta hai, and indeed they sell almost every thing and the biggest advantage is that this is one of the biggest platform for classifieds in India, so we get a lot of varieties of product and services at very cheap rates.

So, I logged on to olx and started browsing their product and services relating to computers (which didn’t even need any registration). To my surprise, there is also a section dedicated to cities which can provide city wise available product and services for offering, and there was even a section for Ambala Cantt which is relatively small city but my hometown, and I found great offers through this website. Finding good bargains in your own locality was never so easy.

Olx works in around 100 countries and is a very reliable website. They ventured in India in 2006 and now this website ranks among top 40 websites as per Alexa rankings. You can also browse the whole website anonymously or by registering an account and you can also buy and sell things on your own. This gives an opportunity to all those who are interested in earning online by selling off their things. You won’t need to build your own infrastructure, all your offerings are just a click away from millions of users viewing that website.

Gone are those days when we used to lookup the daily newspapers for classifieds relating to our requirements, now we can simply open a website search for the things or just upload them whenever needed and the things will be sold or bought comfortably at home in just few clicks. It was really a fun activity to buy laptop without any problem at all and the delivery of product was also very fast.

Online shopping has really changed the way we do things and made shopping fast as ever!.

Fraud Protection with Telesign

Telesign has been a godsend ever since I began using its proprietary fraud protection services for my online gaming website. I have always had a problem with people performing bulk registrations, playing themselves and winning more money than they were supposed to. I could tell by their IP addresses and by the winning patterns of certain players that they were cheating, but there was nothing I could do about it. At least, there was nothing I could do about it until I heard about the fraud prevention services of Telesign. You can read about the phone verification faq here. There was no way that I could’ve stopped everyone from trying to register in a fraud like way on my gaming website. I would have had to shut down the entire operation and redo the entire registration portion of my website. That would’ve been much too expensive for me to handle, and I would’ve gone out of business. If it wasn’t for the special fraud prevention services of Telesign, I really do not know if my gaming company would be in business today. On top of providing a great service, the company itself has wonderful customer service that will guide you through any process that you have a problem with. You will never have to worry about being left high and dry worrying about how to implement your new technology – Telesign really takes care of everything, leaving you to what you do best.

Create Free Websites Online

I recently came across an online website builder that gives the users the ability to create the website for free. The best part about Imcreator is that one doesn’t need any prior knowledge of HTML or PHP to create the website. Imcreator uses the simple drag and drop interface which is easy to use. The website also includes some pre designed templates which one can use in case they don’t want to start from the scratch.

Here are some of the unique features of Imcreator :

1) Comes in various affordable pricing options. One can also select the demo version to check t he functionalities of the website.

2) An outstanding collection of templates, which gives you the flexibility in designing.

3) In built analytics for your website for free.

4) The websites created using Imcreator are compatible with any browser.

5) A detailed instructions manual which helps the first time users and solves most of the queries.

6) Imcreator gives the designers a chance to earn monthly from the designs they create and submit on Imcreator. One can easily get the web designer community membership and start submitting designs.

To view a list of websites created by using Imcreator, click here.

We at give a thumbs up for this upcoming website that is built specially for small and mid scale industries.

How to rename Google Talk contacts in android

Here is a quick guide to rename a cobtact in google talk in case you are using an android phone..
Just follow these steps..
Open Talk app, then open the chat window of contact you want to rename.


Select Friend info from options.


Then click on contact’s name to rename it. This will automatically get synchronised in your chat account.

Valentine’s Giveaway

Once again, we are back with a giveaway for our readers.., this time we are offering even more Usenet accounts, use these premium accounts for unlimited downloads, using usenet server. These accounts will be provided by Usenet Access with UseNeXT
Follow the steps below to enroll into the competition…
Watch out for deadline… Its upto 14 Feb Midnight (IST)
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