Elements of a Great Website

If you own your own business, then you probably have your own website, too. You’ve no doubt spent countless hours surfing around the Internet, looking at all of these fantastically designed websites, trying to find out what your site needs to increase traffic and produce more business. After all, anyone can build a website, but what does it take to have a successful site? There are a lot of different elements that go into creating a website that is both professional and functional. The foundation of a great site is to keep it simple to navigate, while still looking professional.

Simple Navigation

Making your website easy to get around on is essential to turning visitors into customers. You’ve probably been on websites that put more of a focus on how they look, rather than on making it easier to find things. These type of sites will turn off visitors from buying your product, or returning to your website. You want to avoid both of those situations. One of the central elements of easy navigation are clear labels. Have all of the web pages clearly identified, so visitors know what to expect when they click on the link. Create a clean layout that makes links and menus easy to find. No one wants to get lost in Pan’s Labyrinth while cruising around your website.

If you don’t have any experience in building a website, you might want to consider hiring a professional web design company. Web design companies hire tons of experienced professionals who can help you get a sleek look for your site, while also making it extremely user friendly.

Content is King

After you have a great looking website, you need to pack the site with content. This doesn’t mean that just any content will do. You need content that will provide value for the reader. This can be in the form of regular blog, article, or video posts. The aim of the content should be to help the reader solve a problem, and to have your product be the ultimate solution to their needs. Posting up tips is a great way to engage your visitors and provide them with valuable information. If you decide to use blogs as the main type of content on your site, then you must post up entries on a regular schedule. Post a blog once a week at the least, more if you have the time. Make the content fresh and relevant.

Creating a great website is a twofold process. You first need to build a website that is user friendly, and a breeze to navigate. Then, you fill the site with relevant content that provides value for the reader. If you can master both of these things, your website will receive a lot of traffic, and in turn, you will make a lot of sales. Once you’ve gotten some customers, the key is to provide regular content that will keep the same customers coming back to do business with you

Build Loyal Visitors and Increase Traffic To Your Blog/Website With Punchtab

Getting more people to visit your blog is quite attainable but making them a regular visitor of your platter might not seem that easy. For that you need to play the trick, you need to lure them.

The underlying idea is simple you reward your visitor with something when he comes, and if the reward seems to be interesting enough he’s bound to bounce back for more. Now it comes to the rewards and I am pretty sure there are hundreds of options, including party casino and other goodies.

The installation is fairly simple on most of the platforms including Blogger and WordPress. after installation a “Rewards” tabs appear in your blog which when clicked by the user opens up a dialog offering the rewards.

loyalty marketing

You choose where to keep that button and you choose your own rewards.

02e create reward

Choose or make your rewards, set the number of points needed and you’re done!

02g choose points

You can also offer a one-time give away offer to your readers.
04c giveaway preview

The last step is copying the generated code snippet and pasting it in the HTML mode of your blog post.

blog loyalty program

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Free website maker – Ucoz

clip_image002An Online Identity is something everyone, every organization and every company want to have today. “There must be something, when they Google us.”
The first question that comes in mind is how to create a website, how to build everything. What if we teach you how to create a website for free, create and design your own website and that too without paying a penny. Yes you can do that with a free website maker uCoz

uCoz is a free to use web service that offers anyone with building a website. You can start from a basic website and continue to add more features from the pre build modules. The website offers free hosting for all content build on their platform and No professional experience is required in web designing.


uCoz is based on their very own Content Management System, comprising of a variety of modules to help you build your free website. Some of the modules include Page Editor, Users, Forum, Photo Albums, Site News, Web Polls, Guestbook, Publisher, File Catalogue, Blog, Web polls and E-mail Forms. You can start with a sub domain that comes with your free account, for example, http://chillgeeks.ucoz.com


After you have successfully completed your registration and after you have verified your email, you will be provided with a CMS panel where you can access your free website. You can even buy a custom domain name from uCoz or use your existing domain name to point on your uCoz website.


Talking about the power control panel, the interface is user friendly where you can choose various modules on your website. You can choose from over 250 templates to use on your website where you have the power to edit CSS for your template and customize it to the fullest. Exciting tools like RSS Import, backup and file manager are added features. With uCoz, you get added features. With uCoz, you get a practically unlimited storage, it starts with 400MB but keep on increasing as you go on.

You have full control over domains and your control panel. That means you can simply go and edit all you records and manage your domain with other service providers. So, go ahead try all this wonderful free stuff, log on now, to uCoz, and create your own website for free.

Test your Website on Various Screen Sizes With Screenfly

When your are a web designer and are working on some project that demands multiple platforms, the you need to check it for all possible screen sizes, resolutions, different web browsers and speeds. Screenfly is a web app that will help you with by doing the entire work for you.


imageAll you need to do is enter a website and then select the device you want it load in from the bottom menu. You have options to view your site in desktop, mobile, tablet and TV versions. The desktop version allows you to choose the screen size from 10” notebook to a 24” desktop, you can choose to view to Apple, Samsung, Motorola and Velocity tablets. The TV version display in 480, 720p and 1080p resolutions and you can also choose to view on different mobile OS. All these include further model and screen size options. You can also choose to enable scrolling and choose to change the screen orientation from portrait to landscape.

It is one of the best tools available to test your webpage without actually going for different devices.

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Create Beautiful Webpages with Ease : Smore

imageIf you wish to create sleek and beautiful webpages and you are in a hurry, then Smore is a solution for you. Whether it is a blog post or a website, you an do it all with Smore. All it asks is for your facebook authorization and you can start at the instant.

However, the service is currently in a private beta phase, you can request your account and can even get one easily. After you get your account, just login and start creating your page by selecting the base theme.

The rich text editor helps you place your content at the right place. Also, you may choose tochange the page background, font style for your site. After this, you can publish the webpage on the internet. You have options to share your web page with friends using the inbuilt social widget. Along with this, you get complete analytics for your newly built web page, all the data about the traffic, the sources and how did people got to your webpage. It also generates outgoing data of where people want after going through your pages.

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Chill Geeks Is Now 1 Year Old !!

chill geeks We are extremely happy to announce that your own ChillGeeks.com is now 1 year old. We have renew the domain and to celebrate the first birthday, we have some good plans for you. We are planning to start Guest Blogging for ChillGeeks.  Although we had this plan quite a time before, we were waiting for some occasion. Being a Guest Blogger not only helps us, but it also helps you. Here is why one should start Guest Blogging at ChillGeeks :-

  • Gain Publicity For Your Blog

Maintaining a blog on the internet is quite a difficult job. Apart from writing good articles, one has to work on SEO’s, page rankings, and a lot more publicity issues. ChillGeeks has that all, so you don’t have to worry. We’ll provide the link to you and your website in the post you write for us. So that will help your blog build fame around the internet. 

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Free Flash WebSite Design

Building a flash site is not an easy task and the things become more complicated when you don’t know anything about flash. But the things become easier with Wix , which enable you to make any kind of flash based site. Wix is the simpler, faster, better way to create stunning Flash web  content.Wix offers you a simple powerful online platform to make flash websites, MySpace layouts and more. No downloads or programming needed.


With just drag and use tools, you can easily customize your site with hundreds of templates. Some of the other features are given below :

  • Go beyond Flash templates. Find all the graphics you need on Wix.com.
    Loaded with tons of designs, media items, effects, and animations.
  • Import photos from Flickr, videos from YouTube in seconds. Upload pics, music, logos and more from your desktop.
  • Design, Publish, Manage and Promote in one place.
    Design anything you want : Websites, Free MySpace Layouts, Widgets, Newsletters, Comments, Banners, Flyers.
  • All Wix websites are search engine friendly.
    So you can focus on promoting your Flash website.
  • Hosting your website is easy with Wix hosting service. It’s free, safe and secure.Your creations are hosted on Wix.com servers, protected behind a firewall and a load balancer.
  • Moreover Wix also offers a premium membership which willl make you enable to create your own url and remove the Wix adds.

I was so amazed by the user friendliness of the site that I couldn’t resist myself from buillding my own flash site. Here  is a look of my web site.
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