Disable Annoying Windows Error Reporting

error-report Windows error reporting is made to support Microsoft to improve the bugs found in OS, but sometimes this error reporting causes annoyance. This problem I was facing for last so many days…, getting error report message whenever I exit from my favorite DOS based game Dave. It also happens with some soft wares too…. So, I got to remove this and used my ultimate tool “Google Search”Happy

I found that there are two methods of removing the Annoyance caused by error reporting, the one is Registry Editing Based (Advanced Method), and other is Non Registry based (Easy Method). I’ll explain the easy method first-

  • Right click on My Computer Icon on desktop. properties-page
  • Click Properties.
  • Click on Advanced Tab in System Properties page.
  • Then click on Error Reporting.
  • Select Disable Error Reporting to Disable it
  • Do not select notify for critical errors if you do not want to see error reporting message, ever again…

Other method of getting rid of this Windows Error Reporting is use of Windows Registries directly, I’ve made a registry file, which when added to registry, will disable Error Reporting in Microsoft Windows XP, click here to download the registry file (ErrorReporting.reg).

Just double-click ErrorReporting.reg and click on yes to merge the registry information, and you will be free from Windows Error Reporting message.



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