Create Beautiful Webpages with Ease : Smore

imageIf you wish to create sleek and beautiful webpages and you are in a hurry, then Smore is a solution for you. Whether it is a blog post or a website, you an do it all with Smore. All it asks is for your facebook authorization and you can start at the instant.

However, the service is currently in a private beta phase, you can request your account and can even get one easily. After you get your account, just login and start creating your page by selecting the base theme.

The rich text editor helps you place your content at the right place. Also, you may choose tochange the page background, font style for your site. After this, you can publish the webpage on the internet. You have options to share your web page with friends using the inbuilt social widget. Along with this, you get complete analytics for your newly built web page, all the data about the traffic, the sources and how did people got to your webpage. It also generates outgoing data of where people want after going through your pages.

If you want to know how to create instant flash pages, click here.

Try it Now, Click here.

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