Test your Website on Various Screen Sizes With Screenfly

When your are a web designer and are working on some project that demands multiple platforms, the you need to check it for all possible screen sizes, resolutions, different web browsers and speeds. Screenfly is a web app that will help you with by doing the entire work for you.


imageAll you need to do is enter a website and then select the device you want it load in from the bottom menu. You have options to view your site in desktop, mobile, tablet and TV versions. The desktop version allows you to choose the screen size from 10” notebook to a 24” desktop, you can choose to view to Apple, Samsung, Motorola and Velocity tablets. The TV version display in 480, 720p and 1080p resolutions and you can also choose to view on different mobile OS. All these include further model and screen size options. You can also choose to enable scrolling and choose to change the screen orientation from portrait to landscape.

It is one of the best tools available to test your webpage without actually going for different devices.

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2 thoughts on “Test your Website on Various Screen Sizes With Screenfly”

  1. Also try conducting real time live User Testing (such as http://www.usertesting.com) to see what real mobile website users really think while they use your mobile website or app. Even test out the usability of your project while it is being built. You wont believe what can be learned.

  2. I’ve found this post about Screenfly and really like it.

    We would like to recommend LocaBrowser.com which has the Screenfly features and can load HTML pages from >10 different locations at the same time. This is additional feature to evaluate the page load latency and geolocation features of any pages.

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