Elements of a Great Website

If you own your own business, then you probably have your own website, too. You’ve no doubt spent countless hours surfing around the Internet, looking at all of these fantastically designed websites, trying to find out what your site needs to increase traffic and produce more business. After all, anyone can build a website, but what does it take to have a successful site? There are a lot of different elements that go into creating a website that is both professional and functional. The foundation of a great site is to keep it simple to navigate, while still looking professional.

Simple Navigation

Making your website easy to get around on is essential to turning visitors into customers. You’ve probably been on websites that put more of a focus on how they look, rather than on making it easier to find things. These type of sites will turn off visitors from buying your product, or returning to your website. You want to avoid both of those situations. One of the central elements of easy navigation are clear labels. Have all of the web pages clearly identified, so visitors know what to expect when they click on the link. Create a clean layout that makes links and menus easy to find. No one wants to get lost in Pan’s Labyrinth while cruising around your website.

If you don’t have any experience in building a website, you might want to consider hiring a professional web design company. Web design companies hire tons of experienced professionals who can help you get a sleek look for your site, while also making it extremely user friendly.

Content is King

After you have a great looking website, you need to pack the site with content. This doesn’t mean that just any content will do. You need content that will provide value for the reader. This can be in the form of regular blog, article, or video posts. The aim of the content should be to help the reader solve a problem, and to have your product be the ultimate solution to their needs. Posting up tips is a great way to engage your visitors and provide them with valuable information. If you decide to use blogs as the main type of content on your site, then you must post up entries on a regular schedule. Post a blog once a week at the least, more if you have the time. Make the content fresh and relevant.

Creating a great website is a twofold process. You first need to build a website that is user friendly, and a breeze to navigate. Then, you fill the site with relevant content that provides value for the reader. If you can master both of these things, your website will receive a lot of traffic, and in turn, you will make a lot of sales. Once you’ve gotten some customers, the key is to provide regular content that will keep the same customers coming back to do business with you

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