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RockMelt – Share Your World Around


Its not just another web-browser that claims to be faster and safer, its build for sharing, based on Chromium (the open source project used in Google Chrome). The catch, it integrates your regular cyberspace and social media interactions. RockMelt makes sharing and chatting easier with an optional facebook sidebar on the left hand side of the browser. It integrates with twitter as well. The latest youtube app makes it possible to watch YouTube videos right there.

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YouTube App

The address bar has a big share button that lets you share the current web address on your facebook/twitter logins.

The browsers signs into your facebook account every time you start the browser making it easier for you to share things, check status messages of different friends, have a little chit chat and update your own status.

Now what might interest my fellow geeks is the real cool name behind it, Marc Andreessen, yes the founder of Netscape who himself lost the war of browsers but  i think RockMelt might just be the future of web browsing. For now, its just another super fast (thanks to chromium and Google’s V8) web browser meant for facebook and twitter addicts.
Try it now!