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India’s First Web TV – IndiaVibes

India Vibes Well it seems like Indians too have jumped into the online Television market. With the launch of IndiaVibes on 1 Jan 2011, the competition is on. As they claim, they are the first ones to enter this segment. The concept is new, the strategy is fine and the goal is clear to a dedicated team of IndiaVibes.

Unlike other sites, which offer live streaming of  TV channels, they telecast their own shows which are not broadcasted anywhere else. Though the team has some experience in Malayalam cinema, the shows that are currently aired are not in Malayalam, but English  – reason, to attract the masses. Currently there are 8 shows targeted at all age groups and these are expected to increase at the near future. As they say, they don’t focus on celebrities to get fame, they target masses. As per India Vibes ,” Our vision is to showcase the richness of India’s entertainment culture to the world ! We wish to make Indiavibes portal,as its name suggests the one stop for all the entertainment for global audiences with the tagline ‘Indian Vibes’ “.

Pros – First of its kind, will take brand India to the world, an experienced and dedicated team.

Cons- They haven’t publicized their site much, and with very less English speaking-internet users in India, this can be a great gamble.

Anyhow, we at Chillgeeks, give a thumbs-up to IndiaVibes.

Site : IndiaVibes