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Make Stats interesting, present like Hans Rosling

Stats were always boring during a presentation but have you ever heard or watched Hans Rosling, the Swedish statistician and co-founder of the Gapminder which developed the software Trendalyzer (about which we will talk later in this post).

I advice you first watch this video to have an impression on how he talks and what makes him different as a speaker.

Now let us discuss why is he so popular and how can you probably be like him.

  • The structure
    He presents shocking things and stats. Shocking stuff is what wakes people up from their deepest sleeps.
    Try to look at the surprising things of your data or of your study an collaborate that in your presentation to make it more interesting.
  • Sequence
    He starts with discussing himself and his field and discussing various experiences he had during his study of the project, like how he got into this, what people thought if the study initially, how people got wrong in the tests. This is an very effective way because this leads to the audience imagining themselves like how would have they reacted to the situation or what they thought of the topic before this presentation.
  • Discuss
    Discuss with people whatever you are talking about, or whatever you are working upon. Tell them the technical aspects of your presentation like when discussing graphs tell them whats on which axis and whats on the other and then play with the axis. Just light up people technically and win their hearts
    You might be wondering the software that he is using for his presentations, the slides that were moving in 3dimensions and those beautiful animations. This is the Gapminder software (now with Google as Motion chart ).

This software converts stats and data into movable novel effects that prevents your wok from getting unrecognized.

The Gapminder software can be downloaded from

The desktop version allows you to work offline and make your own graphs and flash based presentations or you can add the Google Gadget (Motion Charts) to your spreadsheet and animate your data with flash.
The Gapminder software allows you to use and customize graphs already available at
Go ahead and make your presentations flowing live.