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Vista Bubbles Screen Saver in XP

Recently, I went to my friend and have seen Windows Vista installed on his laptop. I was surprised to see such a high quality screen saver bundled in Vista. bubblesThe name of screen saver was “Bubbles” or something like that. It was having so amazing appearance, you can see the bubbles going smoothly over the screen as your screensaver, as if your screen is inside washing machine. So, I searched if I could get such a screen saver in Windows XP too or not. I am having a system whose RAM is 512MB, so I do not use Windows Vista on my PC. The reason for which you should use a screen saver is told here.

I searched a lot and found one such screen saver. Check out the preview of this Screen Saver, download it and comment if you liked it or not.

Download Bubbles Screensaver

You need to extract the zip file and right click on extracted file and then click on Install, to use it as Screen Saver.
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