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Crack GRE – The Smart Way

Quizlet for GREPreparing for GRE was never an easy task but who said it can’t be fun.Today we will tell you about, an interactive method to learn for international tests like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, LSAT and many more like them.

The concept involves creating notes(or flashcards as they call it), learning

them by reading and listening and then testing in a real simple and organized manner. There are millions of existing flashcards(thanks to the users who discovered the website before us :P) ready for learning. Just choose the topic, select one flashcard from the list displayed and start learning.

At you can create your own groups, add friends, share your flashcards and compete amongst. The three step process of learning, testing and playing makes you a master of the topic in practically no time.

You can even play with your flashcards with two very addictive and interesting short games that makes learning even more fun.

The website is very well organized, you can group similar flashcards in a single folder, export data from someone else’s flashcard to your own, combine different flashcards, search or browse for different flashcards, hear words and do a hell lot other things.

You decide whether to share your flashcards or to keep them to yourselves.

The collaboration feature makes it possible for different users to work on a single flashcard.

Just sign up for the site, choose a study topic and start learning.

Try it Now!